Covid-19: Why more and more vaccinated people will become infected in France – Coronavirus

In Israel, roughly one in two new cases of COVID-19 is a fully vaccinated person, according to Israel’s former director general of health. In the UK, the same observation: 39% of patients over 50 in hospital today have received two doses, according to the NHS.

This phenomenon occurs in France. If the health authorities refused to connect the numbers, the IHU in Marseille, led by Didier Raoult, took out the calculator. According to the institute, at the end of March, about 2% of French patients hospitalized with the coronavirus were vaccinated. The percentage has now reached the 6% mark.

“Anti-taxes,” like some elected sovereigns, are rebelling against this observation. They see it as evidence of the supposed ineffectiveness of vaccines. However, this paradox is quite natural and predictable. Some epidemiologists even consider it “good news” because it attests to the effectiveness of vaccines against SARS-CoV-2.

  • 1 No vaccine is 100% effective
  • One reason for this discrepancy is scientific. Because it must be remembered that there is no complete safety against Covid-19: no laboratory has succeeded in finding mixture to achieve 100% efficiency. Pfizer’s solution is 95% effective on average, Moderna is 92% effective. This means that between five to seven out of every 100 people who have been vaccinated can still be infected with SARS-CoV-2.

    It should also be borne in mind that when laboratories talk about the efficacy of a vaccine, they mainly refer to Fight severe forms, the goal of the vaccine. When vaccinated, a person is more likely to become infected with the mild form of the acute form if they become infected again.

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  • 2 Mathematical Reason
  • “The higher the vaccination coverage, the more people will be infected while they are vaccinated,” confirms Jan-Stephan Dersen, an epidemiologist, in Parisian. It is a arithmetic operation: if 0% of the population is vaccinated, then the vaccination rate among those infected is zero; Whereas if 100% of the population were vaccinated, all new infections would come from the vaccinated people. “The more you vaccinate, the more likely you are to notice failure in the vaccinated population,” it increases, in franceinfoAnne-Claude Crémieux, infectious disease specialist. This is what we notice The Zionist entity Or in the UK, where full vaccination is already at 60% and 50%, respectively. That is why, thanks to vaccination, France will also find itself, in the coming weeks, with Increase rate of vaccination But it is polluted. But the effect would be misleading.

    Our life on covid-19

  • 3 Yes polluted, but in a few dangerous forms
  • According to some specialists, we can see good news in this phenomenon. “The real question is whether these people who are infected but vaccinated have serious forms of the disease,” notes infectious disease specialist Benjamin Davido, at Europe 1. “The answer is no. This is as true in Israel as in the United Kingdom: although there are alternate deltaAdmissions to intensive care or hospitals remain stable and at a very low level. “Here we see that the vaccine protects,” says Anne-Claude Crémieux.

    A similar situation should be experienced by France, according to Pasteur Institute forecasts While scientists expect that a quarter of hospitalization cases will occur among the elderly and the vaccinated, The remaining three-quarters will be elderly but unvaccinated. “The vaccine protects well, no matter what. The institute states that the unvaccinated are also twelve times more likely to transmit the virus than the vaccinated.

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