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Gabon: What is the National Science, Technology and Innovation Strategy 2030? |

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meInstitutes Administrators National Center for Scientific and Technological Research ( screenwriter )And the meHeads of research laboratories at universities and other public and private research centers, as well as high-ranking teachers, researchers and researchers It meets from 9-11 March for examination and evaluated National Research Strategy Project entitled: “National Strategy for Science, Technology and Innovation in Gabon”.

The headquarters of the National Center for Scientific and Technological Research (Cenarest), in Libreville. © d

From March 9 to 11, Libreville will host a workshop to validate the National Science, Technology and Innovation Strategy in Gabon. Participants from the field of scientific and technological research will have to study and evaluate the report of the proposals for the national strategy for scientific research in Gabon; To discuss the reorientation of national scientific research to improve public policy in this field.

But also, to identify the challenges in which the national research system must begin its transformation to meet the development needs of Gabon immediately and to discuss innovative funding models and partnerships that will be developed to advance outstanding scientific research in Gabon.

In fact, the scientific policy of a state is a set of provisions that the state must take to promote the development of scientific and technological research and, in particular, to direct the exploitation of research results with the aim of promoting economic growth and promoting economic development. well-being of the people of the country.

After the evaluation and approval of the said project, the National Research Strategy Proposal Report will be submitted to Gabon’s technical and financial partners, as well as to public bodies with a scientific mission, for recommendation. Development partners and donors in particular will be called upon to take a clear position on the sectors that are most promising and important to them, in terms of investment support.

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