Covid Pandemic: Group Immunity Strongly!

This is particularly the case with the polio vaccine. In 1955, Professor Jonas Syke developed a vaccine against the disease at the University of Pittsburgh. But 100 children die and more than 200 are paralyzed after receiving the first dose of the vaccine. Then it was discovered the presence of a carcinogenic virus in the monkey cells used in preparing the vaccine.

Dr. Leon Farrell, Canadian biochemist and microbiologist.

To solve this manufacturing problem, Canada has managed to innovate. It was notable at the Connaught Laboratories in Toronto that a new polio vaccine was born in 1953. Thanks to the work of Dr. Leon Farrell, he developed a method for producing the vaccine using a culture system in turbulent flasks.

“Dr. Farrell’s work has been a great scientific contribution to Canada,” said Ms. Freelin. “We must not forget all these women scientists who have accomplished great things in history.”

Canada and managing covid

“It must be admitted, we are more accustomed to deadly infectious diseases since the 1950s and major vaccination campaigns,” the scientist admits.

However, as of spring 2020, Canada has funded several vaccine development programs against the coronavirus. Not everyone has succeeded, but two notable vaccines: Covas-2, developed by Vido at the University of Saskatchewan, and CoVLP, produced by Medicago Inc. in Quebec.

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