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CPAM vaccination protects against diseases

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CPAM vaccination: basic protection against influenza and COVID-19

Sophie Provinc, Director of Solidarity Health Support for Vaccination at CPAM du Var.

Tuesday 12 December 2023, INFO83 went to meet Sophie Provinc.

Sophie Provinc, Director of Solidarity and Health Support at CPAM du Var, highlights the crucial importance of vaccination In the fight against seasonal influenza and Covid-19, especially as winter approaches.

Impact of vaccination according to the Malady du Var Primary Insurance Fund

there Vaccination remains one of the most effective means of protection against these virusesIt is responsible for more than 10,000 deaths annually in France. In 2023, in partnership with health authorities, it will be done CPAM An awareness campaign was launched to encourage double vaccination.

Increasing vaccination coverage: the CPAM challenge

In 2022, only 50% of the target population in Var received the vaccine, a figure lower than the 75% recommended by the World Health Organization. To address this, CPAM sent out invitations and vouchers to facilitate access to vaccines.

Expanding the team of health professionals for vaccination

CPAM has also expanded the team of health professionals licensed to vaccinate and prescribe vaccines, a critical step to expanding the scope of the work. vaccination.

CPAM vaccination campaigns: beyond influenza and COVID-19

Sophie Provinc stresses the importance of vaccination campaigns against… Bronchiolitis In young children and Human papilloma virus (Human papilloma virus) for teenagers. Vaccines are available free of charge in schools.

Vaccinate my health record in CPAM
Vaccinate my health record in CPAM

My health space and CPAM vaccination

Health record The digital “My Health Space” now plays a key role in personalizing vaccination reminders. Facilitates individual and family health management.

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Conclusion: Vaccination is a shield for public health

Sophie Provinc concludes by reminding that: vaccination Protects individually and collectively. Vaccination stops the spread of viruses and strengthens our health system.

Information here: My Health Space CPAM

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