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Creative Assembly (Alien Isolation) has been working on a science fiction FPS game for 4 years | Xbox One

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It is known that you should always be wary of sleeping water. Whereas one would have thought the Creative Assembly studio had been dormant since the excellent Alien: Isolation, Creative Assembly would be in full business in the FPS SF universe, that is, for 4 years. Rest assured, there are no xenomorphs in sight, the developer has gone on a completely different project as it will be an FPS in the sci-fi record, but it doesn’t have a name yet.

Brand new IP at Creative Assembly

You may have guessed it, and now the question is what this latest production could look like. The creators provided some leads.

Gareth Edmondson, studio director of the Creative Society, and Alistair Hope, creative director, have already given an interview in issue 373 of the magazine. edge. Forget about all the gaming styles you may have known until now with Creative Assembly, the company wanted to surprise you with this new production.

For studio teams, that goal translated to “a willingness to pay attention to detail and originality.” At least that’s how Alistair Hope defines it, specifying that this app will stick to “understanding the source material”.

Rob Bartholomew, Product Manager at Creative Assembly, added:

“It’s our new IP, it’s a world we’re creating, and of course we’re skeptical about that and we really want to get it right. We want to understand what authenticity looks like in a blue ocean or an open sky, when you have a blank page in front of you.”

Instead of philosophical statements which have the advantage of giving us some clues, we are left in spite of everything in our hunger. Feel free to discuss it in the comments, for sure more details will arrive soon.

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