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Laval missile | Patience is the key to Kayden Primo

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Judging from the chants, shouts and cheers that Kayden Primo received during the play-off games at Laval, fans are already seeing him as the next big lock-up star in goal. However, they may have to wait before witnessing his entry into the big club.

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Nicholas Richard

Nicholas Richard

If Montreal has its number 31, then Laval has its own. Primeau has proven to be the cornerstone of Rocket’s playoff success, and the 22-year-old goalkeeper is emerging from what could be the most defining season of his young career.

“I love big moments and playing under pressure. I love to find myself in this environment, and that’s what motivates me,” Primo explained during the team’s review of the season on Thursday.

Cerberus witnessed the madness of the series in a very special way. Not only because he was praised and fans chanted his name several times during the play-off games at Place Bell, but also because he was not expected to be so successful. This campaign was not smooth sailing and he is grateful to be able to make the necessary corrections.

When things were bad, I spoke to the team’s sports psychologist. I’m a better goalkeeper, I’m mentally stronger than I was at the start of the season and I’m thankful I was able to go through the process.

Kayden Primo

Although he did not reach the Calder Cup final with his team, Primo talks about the playoff round he just took with twinkling eyes and a smile that hangs from ear to ear. He led his team during Game Seven of the Conference Final with a 2.17 goal-to-average rate and 0.936 save percentage.

“It’s been a really fun season and it’s been great to be a part of this group for the past month and a half. I’ve never really enjoyed playing hockey.”

Another season

Despite his resounding success with the Rocket and a short stint with the Canadians during the season, the goalkeeper refuses to set excessive expectations for next season.

“It will definitely be the biggest summer of my career. I will do my best this summer to come to camp and hope for the best.”

Assistant goalkeeper Kevin Boleyn also wanted to warn the fans. The veteran explained that even if his young teammate had a certain talent and great potential, he would need an additional season in the MLS before officially moving to the NHL.

“I think he should continue in MLS. It’s tough because since the beginning of his career, there’s been COVID-19, bubbles and the reserve team. I think he needs a solid year in MLS, where he’s going to play a lot of games, so the focus is on the rocket After that, he should be fine,” said the 32-year-old goalkeeper, who himself has played around fifty games in the Big League.

After all, only five goalkeepers 23 and under have held full-time positions in the NHL this season. Primo 23 will be on August 11th.

C’est pourquoi l’entraîneur-chef Jean-François Houle an expliqué que « pas juste pour lui, mais pour les jeunes joueurs dans la Ligue américaine, il faut être, il faut prendre son temps pour ével de êper les les , and this is [peut être long] sometimes. It’s not a good idea to skip steps.”

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Everyone agrees, however, that Primo has many qualities, that he was the catalyst for the Rocket’s success in the playoffs, that he has a bright future ahead and that he will attract hockey fans south of Jesus Island.

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