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Jillian Castillo
Jillian Castillo
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We thought we’d all seen it. Fortunately, Indies are always there to surprise us with innovative and totally crazy concepts. Blind Drive is a driving game, blind!

The character you play naively responded to a secret clinical test announcement, only to find yourself behind the wheel, blindfolded and handcuffed. When the car starts rolling and the brakes aren’t working, you know you’re in big trouble. The phone rings and the voice of your mutant kidnapper asks you to follow his instructions.

When you are blindfolded, you should only use your hearing to avoid cars and obstacles by moving the car left or right. Will you be up to the challenge?

Congratulations to the three actors who lent their voices to the characters, who did a great job making this experience fun and believable. We’re so far from the mono dubbing of video games so often, that we can almost hear them turning the pages … here, it’s played in a natural way. we believe.

Thanks in part to the hilarious and terrifying script that Blind Drive manages to do well to grab our attention during the adventure. These surprises in writing the script are, of course, an excuse to change the mechanics of the game and add some differences. Without revealing everything, I’ll let myself say that it’s not just the cars that we will have to avoid … or hit on purpose!

Some of the 27 levels will add an extra layer of challenge that will interfere with our focus or listening, such as a fly hovering around you, rain echoing on the body, shutting windows, and muting volume keys.

Hearing strength training

With our review of Rhythm Doctor Recently released (Indie Rhythm Heaven PC Edition), we can say that March will have trained us in hearing like never before. Blind Drive is really challenging at times, as 360 listening skills are rarely tested hard. be cerfull.

It only works thanks to the impeccable sound design work he has done, believe it or not, one person (Giori Politi). In fact, the main team consists of four members. A very small group called Lo-Fi People. Returning to the sound, the 360-degree aspect is perfected to perfection, but also all the other small effects that make the whole thing so immersive. You can hear the chains of cuffs on the steering wheel, the movement of the car, the squeak of tires, and everything around you.

Since the visual image on screen is only used to show your life, distance traveled and degrees, you can find in the options a completely blind mode where the screen will be completely black. I admit that, during particularly difficult levels, it occurred to me to close my eyes to focus on the sounds. Needless to say, you’ll need to turn up the volume, use high-quality headphones, and isolate yourself in a quiet environment to complete the adventure.

We still seize the opportunity to highlight the beauty of visual design, from the title screen to the menus: elegant and elegant production in all its aspects.

I tested the Steam version, which is available today on PC and Mac for $ 10, but I understand how the mobile version for iOS and Android might work by tapping the sides of the screen. The smartphone version is still $ 6 less, or the small $ 4, for at least 90 minutes of gameplay, or much more, if you try to complete the game on all three difficulty levels. Blind Drive is genius, original, and funny: so it’s very easy to recommend it to gamers looking for a few unique experiences.

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