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Good to know: To enjoy good health, here are 3 good reasons to eat apples

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Dr. Jimmy Mohamed received on Wednesday 10 March in the program “La matinale” on Europe 1. He discussed with the journalist Manon Bernard the benefits of apples and the reasons for eating them on a daily basis.

To stay healthy, apples are a high-fiber food that you should eat regularly. Its daily consumption facilitates intestinal transit and reduces the risk of constipation.

According to Europe 1, the regular consumption of apples Take care of your digestive system, develop your neurons and all while keeping the line up ».

In his column “Our Health,” Dr. Jimmy explained the properties of this food.

It is concentrated in vitamins and high-quality sugar

Apples are a low-calorie fruit that contains good sugar. Sugar has nothing to do with what is found in sweets, biscuits and cakes.

« It also has a low glycemic index: When you eat an apple, your sugar level goes up, but not suddenly. There is no risk of diabetes after that.

This fruit also contains vitamin C and the fiber in pectin on apple peel.

« Pectin helps nourish the bacteria in the digestive tract, which are also called microbes, by recreating a form of gel in the intestine.. Jimmy recommends eating organic apples instead.

Eating apples can make your brain stronger

Eating apples helps nerve cells grow. ” Researchers have long believed that it is only possible to create connections between neurons. But in certain areas of the brain, and especially in the hippocampus, new cells can be formed ».

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Apples contain nutrients that stimulate cell proliferation, which is absolutely amazing, according to the doctor.

Eat apples to stay fit

A man has a habit of swallowing food. We often don’t take the time to chew because we are in a hurry or under pressure. As a result, it takes about 20 minutes for the body to trigger the satiety phenomenon.

« So, finishing your meal with an apple allows you to chew and chew. It will take time and the satiation process will begin. ”.

Note that this is not valid for apple juice. It is necessary to eat the fruit raw and with the skin.

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