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CSC 1 – JSK 2: Bolahia crucify CSC

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Virginia Whitehead
Virginia Whitehead
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In a match that fulfilled all its promises, JS Kabylie won at Ben Abdelmalek Stadium against JS Kabylie. In doing so, she revives her chances of playing leadership roles.

Hit the first leg at 1he is-November with a score of 0, Ben Sharifa’s comrades took revenge on CSC. The first period was very interesting to see a better start from the Kabyles who would have found the error from the start, had it not been for the vigilance of the guard Rahmani. Benchira’s comrades dominate discussions against a team that was content to defend, but without being able to materialize the few opportunities available. In the 34th minute and against the course of play, CSC takes advantage of a corner. With a good kick by Jamrud, Amokran jumps high, defiling everyone and opening the scoring for his team. Impressed by their self-esteem, the Kabyles rose to the fore and took some offensive action, but neither Hamron, nor Ben Sayeh, nor even Harun managed to find the fault. In the 43rd minute, after a perfect corner kick from the right flank of goalkeeper Rahmani and after a bad return from the defense, Walid Ben Sharifa justified his team. Half the time will whistle for this equalizer for a goal everywhere. The second half will be very different with Constantini’s team taking the match on their own, without destabilizing the rear guard in Kabylie. Changes made on both sides will bring absolutely nothing but better control of the match by the Kabyles, while Yellow and Black will opt for a more direct game, especially after the merger of Lakdja and Salihi. The inclusion of Zakaria Boulahia instead of Ali Haroun in the 64th minute pays off, because the latter will succeed after four minutes to give his team the advantage. Sanafirs tries to get back to the score by creating a few chances, but without success in front of Benbot and a very attentive rearguard. In the end, JS Kabylie will have clearly deserved his victory that allows him to climb to eighth place in the standings and with a delay of 4 matches, while CSC loses one place and is positioned in 9e hostel.

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Hamlaoui Stadium in Constantine


CSC: Amokran (34 minutes)

JSK : Bencherifa (43′), Boulahia (68′)







(Al-Salihi 46 d.)






(Lajd 43′)


Ent. : benkablia

JS Kabylie



Ben Sharifa

Ait Abdel Salam



Ben Abdi


Ben Sayeh

(Ghanim 81′)


(Boulahia 64′)


Ent. : Lavan

Hot weather, referees: MM. Nader Ali and Bouhsoun and Elaraby Hawari.

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