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Culture at the heart of Télé-Québec . programs

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Télé-Québec made the mark a few months ago through a live broadcast The dark side of the moonby Robert LePage. This kind of cultural event reminds us of the cultural program beautiful ones Broadcast on Radio Canada from 1966 to 2004, it will come back into effect during the 2021-2022 season.

From Friday 3 September, the unique concert Charlebois to Ducharme So it will be submitted. About ten other similar events will be presented, including KissThe new piece by Michel-Marc Bouchard, Cowboys Fringecats party with OSM plus a trip to the circus world with the Les 7 Doigts collective.

Investigative journalism in the spotlight

Several cultural performances will return this year, including Bill and BoomAnd There are people in the blockAnd this year and shows broadcast on the La Fabrique Culturelle platform.

The public will also be able to find many magazines and social programs, including family coordinationAnd he deserves itAnd Lindis Mac$Win And in the media.

The Public Broadcasting Corporation will also present dramas, children’s programs, and several documentaries, two of which focus on investigative journalism.

in a trial, journalist Pierre Craig would be concerned about the lack of access to justice in Quebec. By hosting the show invoice For many years I realized that our judicial system exacerbating inequality, He says.

The show crew received 250 to 300 letters each week from often weak citizens Against the rich, who have every means to reach justice and crush them, he explains.

Highlighting this phenomenon was therefore necessary for the former host, who continues to practice investigative journalism after retiring from Radio Canada in 2016. He hopes to follow up with a second documentary where possible solutions will be discussed based on practices adopted in many countries, including Denmark.

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Documentary series Featured You’ll get a behind-the-scenes look at investigative journalism by following several information workers Journalism. The series, presented by Katia Gagnon, will show the extent of the work that led to the publication.

We are not like [le personnage de] Jean Brier from distracts 31who works in the corner of the table. It’s much more complicated than that [le journalisme].

Quote from:Katya Gagnon, journalist and presenter of the documentary series The a

It presents compelling surveys, including those on the sexual exploitation of children on the Internethost argues. If, according to Katya Gagnon, the presence of cameras in the investigative process has at times turned out to be a delicate exercise, then the process will be fruitful if it allows the shattering of some preconceived notions about journalism.

The complete programming for the next season of Télé-Québec is available on Public Radio’s website. (A new window).

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