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Saudi Arabia is pursuing the former head of intelligence residing in Canada

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The companies affiliated with Taqam Investment Group, a subsidiary of Saudi Arabia’s public sovereign wealth fund, have filed proceedings in the Ontario Supreme Court against Saad Al Jabri, who lives in exile in the Toronto area.

Al-Jabri was removed in 2015 from his position as head of the counter-espionage department at the Saudi Ministry of Interior. Close to Prince Mohammed bin Nayef, he fled the kingdom in 2017 when he was ousted from power in favor of Mohammed bin Salman (MBS).

These companies accuse the former intelligence chief of committing a Colossal, colossal Including at least $ 3.47 billion.

The Canadian court ordered the freezing of the assets of Mr. Al Jabri International, according to the same documents.

The perpetrators accuse Mr. Al-Jabri of embezzling large sums for his personal benefit or for his relatives at the expense of Saudi companies involved in combating terrorism.

They sent Canadian Justice a list Illegal goods Including real estate in Saudi Arabia or Canada or luxury apartments in Boston, USA.

Supporters of Saad al-Jabri promised, in a press statement, to: He fiercely fights these recycled corruption allegations Which, according to her, is intended to be a distraction from brutality Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman.

Al-Jabri was charged last August in a US courtMohammed bin Salman To send a team of agents to Canada to eliminate it in late 2018, shortly after the murder of critical journalist Jamal Khashoggi in Turkey.

According to him, 13 days after the assassination of Mr. Khashoggi on October 2, 2018, a team from Personal mercenaries From the Crown Prince upon his arrival in Canada.

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He claimed that the group included forensic experts and equipment similar to those of the group accused of strangling and then dismembering the body of the journalist at the Saudi Consulate in Istanbul.

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