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Cycling across Canada, from Vancouver to Montreal, to raise money

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With his son and a friend, he stomped on the Francofund. The purpose of this two-month trip is to raise funds for the Monique Ducharme Mon Rêve Santé et Bien-Être Fund.

The mission of this fund is to help women realize a dream that supports their mental and physical health and well-being. The goal of the trip is to raise $50,000 for the fund, which will then distribute grants to these women.

The idea for this trip came from a previous bike trip between Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

I have traveled 1,500 km in the west. I told myself that one day I would have to do the rest of the country. It’s an old dream I cherish so much and there I said to myself at my age there, they say, It’s final callsays Hubert Gauthier, who was nervous when he started.

He adds that with this trip between Vancouver and Montreal, he wanted to join Useful for pleasure.

Preparation for the trip began a year ago.

I started training eleven months ago. The hardest will be the bad weather and the Rocky Mountains that you will have to climb. Grasslands, maybe it’s easierthought Mr. Gauthier.

During this first day, cyclists were riding from Vancouver to Hope for a 145 kilometer ride.

The itinerary offers a stop in Lethbridge, Alberta, around July 7, in Winnipeg, at San Boniface Health Center, around July 24 or 25, to arrive in Montreal at the end of August. Other places to visit are Saint Victor in Saskatchewan, Sault Ste Marie and Cornwall.

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During this trip, he can benefit from the support of his wife, Monique Ducharme, who, like him, will drive a recreational vehicle. Support Teamhe is referring to.

Mr. Gauthier invites interested people to follow his adventures on social networks. For this purpose, the Facebook page Vélo-ton-rêve has been created.

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