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Danny Torkut lets everyone talk about him

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Alan Binder
Alan Binder
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The decision, which Danny Torkut made clear on his Facebook account, comes after criticism sparked by a question directed on Sunday to Mamadi Camara. The comedian admitted his question was inappropriate.

I thought I would make him smile by reminding him of the absurdity of the origin of his story, a supposed phone crime while driving. I aimed hard … the circus drifted on social media and came to blame and hate each of my social media platforms., He said.

A friend of Jay A. LeBage also said that his decision was prompted by several negative reactions to him on social media after airing various programs for Everyone is talking about it Over the past years.

My confidence gradually eroded and I became paralyzed by fear of making a mistake and posing the stinky question.

Danny Torkut

Danny Torkut also highlighted the difficulty in finding his place as the Mad King since the pandemic, which forced the production to perform without an audience for nearly a year. Without an audience and direct, the original concept of “TLMEP” was no longer what it was and I tried to find a way to adapt to it, my role as King’s Fool simply no longer worked for me.He shared.


Host Jay A. Liebig says he learned Danny Torkut was leaving on Thursday. The latter clarifies it Totally understands and respects Comedian’s decision expressing sadness.

Danny and I have been together for over 17 years. Our bond has turned into friendship over the yearsHe said in a statement.

I lose a dear colleague, which hurts me, but I keep a friend, which makes me happy. Thank you, Danny, for this long journey you have made with me.

Jay A.

Radio Canada Broadcaster and Producer Everyone is talking about it For their part, they confirmed, also through a press release, that host Jay A. Lebagh will be on top of the show for the rest of the season.

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