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The elected women of the North Shore want more women in power

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I’m not saying that women will do politics very differently than men, but our understanding of what it means to be a woman today and the weaknesses we have always experienced are a reminder [l’importance de l’engagement politique des femmes]says Marilyn Gill, MP for Manikoagan.

Marilyn Gill, MP for Manikwagan.

Photo: Radio Canada/Djavan Hubble Thorton

Explain that women are still Little present in politics.

When we walk down Parliament Hill in Ottawa, when we are in the offices, men are almost exclusively, except, often, for young women who are political attachés.Mrs. Gill is fired.

Politics is still mostly patriarchal. »

Quote from Marilyn Gill, MP for Manikwagan.

I often do the math, and still do. I go into my committee rooms and count the number of men and women. Most of the time, we are a minority and a very large minority. Sometimes I’m the only oneAdds the MP for Manikoagan.

We’re seeing progress for women in politics, actually, but that’s very slow, that’s for suresays the president of the Association of Regional District Municipalities Provincial District Municipality From North Shore and Forestville Mayor, Micheline Antill.

Are women reluctant to move into decision-making positions?asks Mrs. Antill. On the municipal arena I noticed the presence of women as advisors, But less at the town hall level and less at the governor level.

Micheline Antill, sitting at her desk.

Micheline Antill, Mayor of Forestville and President of the MRC of the North Shore.

Photo: Radio Canada / Benoit Jobin

Micheline Antelge notes that the increase in women’s political participation It can pass by different sounds .

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In politics in general, we have the possibility of legislating. Also, in municipal politics, we can involve women in community life, ensuring that they have a greater place and greater influence on all you say.

I feel every step we take [en politique] Obviously to improve the condition of women, but also just to be theremaintains Marilyn Gill.

Ms. Gill states that having women in politics encourages other women to enter politics.

Just as in the general population, which is It is made up of half women and half menThese elected representatives from the North Coast want more women to participate in politics.

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