Dead by Deadlight announces new DLC for ‘Hellraiser’

Since its release on PC in 2016 and its arrival on consoles the following year, “Dead by Deadlight” has managed to gain a following with its entertaining online survival game mechanics, adding some horror franchises over the years, most importantly in history. Film and television, is about to add to its ranks one of the greatest icons of the eighties.

Through the game’s official social media, Team Behavior Interactive has revealed a special teaser and concept art anticipating the arrival of Pinhead, the main antagonist of the ‘Hellraiser’ series, which features a serious contender who will join the list of killers. Somewhere in September.

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Pinhead is a character created by Clive Barker for his 1986 novel “The Hellbound Heart”, which he directed and wrote himself for his 1987 big-screen adaptation. The character is the leader of the Cenobite race, who came from a distance that can be confused with Judeo-Christian Hell, but that’s just it Where they present their own vision of pleasure: physical pain.

The Behavior Interactive team shared a few words of welcome to Dead by Deadlight’s “Hellraiser” saga, as well as a first glimpse of what the character would look like in the game: “Pinhead is an explorer of the furthest reaches. Experience the world, enjoying the boundless excitement of fun and pain,” The game’s creative team explains.

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โ€œWhen the chest/puzzle known as the Formation of Lamentations (a key to another dimension) is found in the entity world, it is only a matter of time before it falls into the hands of the curious. Once you open it, it happens. What comes next is sweet suffering that will spread throughout Kingdom,โ€ a description largely in keeping with what we saw in the ‘Hellraiser’ saga, which has a remake on the way and a series for HBO.

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Some test notes on the Deadlight server indicate that Pinhead, while retaining the main characteristics of his in-game character, is referred to simply as “The Cenobite” in the game. More details about his powers and abilities in the game will be available. Posted soon.

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