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Covid-19: 49 people die of virus in 4 days, ARS Occitanie demands vaccination of the youngest

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Within four days, 49 people died of coronavirus in Occitanie. The regional health agency is calling for mass vaccination of younger children before the school year begins.

Occitanie is deeply affected by the fourth wave of Covid-19, which seems to have no end. While caregivers have warned of saturation in hospital services, resuscitation services are almost always full according to the regional health agency (ARS) Occitanie, which has 285 people in intensive care, 4 more patients than there are in four days.

49 patients died in medical institutions over the past four days, bringing the number of deaths observed in hospitals and nursing homes due to Covid-19 to 4,777.

The number of hospitalizations is also not waning, with a total of 1,214 people being treated in area hospitals for Covid-19, or 98 patients, for more than four days. Several patients have already been transferred in recent days to other French regions, in order to ease hospital services.

A call for universal vaccination among young people

The regional health agency is calling for the full mobilization of the population of the region in order to continue the vaccination campaign. The health authorities, in particular, are calling for young children to be vaccinated before the start of the school year, which is fast approaching.

call (for vaccination, Editor’s note) relates primarily to young people over 12 and their families “says the regional health agency, which wants to avoid a rebound of the epidemic with the start of the school year. Altogether, 416,801 people have received at least one dose of the vaccine in Occitanie, approximately 70% of the total population .

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