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Find here all the announcements made by Capcom during the Monster Hunter Rise and Monster Hunter Stories 2 conference.

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For all license enthusiasts Monster hunter, Capcom staged an event centered around the last two games, namely Monster Hunter Rise, Released on March 26, and Monster Hunter Stories 2, Scheduled for July 9. During the Monster Hunter digital event, Capcom focused on these two games and announced several new features, including bonus content for Monster Hunter Rise.

Monster Hunter Rise: Version 2.0 on the road

to Monster Hunter RiseThe long-awaited 2.0 update will appear on Switch on April 28th. It is accompanied by a new trailer that offers additional content. First of all, we learned new monsters are coming soon. Angry Chameleon Announced in March by Capcom, we find too Koshala Dora And the TeostraWho are from the ancient dragons. In addition to these monsters, there are new missions associated with Diablos and Super Rathalos Will be available.

Event tasks will also be added. It will be playable and playable, even offline. Additionally, this update unlocks the Hunter rank. By opening this category, you will be able to access more missions, Calamities quests and Arena quests for example.

Finally, on the character level, you will now be able to purchase the right to visualize your character. Capcom is generous because they give you the first coupon, so you’ll have to go to the Nintendo online store to get it for free. Other options will be available such as customizing your character’s voice, new emotions and stickers.

The update will, of course, be free of charge. However, some customization items will be chargeable and available through “Downloadable Content Pack 2”. Capcom ended up revealing the roadmap to the Monster Hunter Rise And meet players in May for the 3.0 update.

Monster Hunter Stories 2: A new trailer has been revealed

Regarding his next game Monster Hunter Stories 2, Capcom has unveiled an epic new trailer. In it, we see the return of the characters Lilia and Reverto. He still portrays the story of the legendary Rathalos who was born without his wings yet endowed with immense and destructive power.

Capcom has revealed some information about the gameplay, more specifically about the Combat mechanics. Like the first game, it is RPG combat but with more strategic options to adapt to each fighting style. There are three main qualities and they are Speed, power and technology, Which complement and balance each other. Your character will also be able to Aimed at specific parts of the body Monsters to achieve various results. Since some parts of the body are damaged, monsters can be deprived of certain attacks or even be stunned.

Finally, you will have the opportunity to fight With reinforcements by your side. To do this, you will need to find combat partners in the open world and entice them to fight with you. Up to four additional players can join you, in addition to their monsters. This will increase the scale of your friendship with these characters.

If you want to watch the event again, the replay is available on the channel Youtube By Capcom France. As a reminder, Monster Hunter Rise is available on the Nintendo Switch It is priced at 44.99 euros on Amazon Monster Hunter Stories 2 will be released on Switch on July 9.

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Enjoy Monster Hunter Rise for 44.99 €

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