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Debris on Serieclub: What is this science fiction series by the Fringe author? – News series

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On June 13 at 9 p.m., the SFR Networks channel broadcasts the latest creations of model JH Wyman, dressed by Jonathan Tucker (“Kingdom”) and Ryan Steele (“The Witches”).

When mysterious debris begins to fall from the sky, a secret international agency is tasked with finding out what it is, where it came from and, above all, what the consequences of the unexpected and incredible effects of these fragments will be. Two agents from two different continents with opposing views on the world will have to work together in an investigation of a spaceship wreck that has mysterious effects on humanity…

Debris Season 1, every Monday at 9pm at Serieclub

Created by JH Wyman and NBC Productions, debris It follows the journey of two MI6 and CIA agents, Finola Jones, an MI6 agent, and Bryan Beneventi, while investigating a spacecraft crash, suspected of causing strange appearances in the places where the shipwreck has been found.

Bringing together British actress Ryan Steele, seen in The Magicians and Ant-Man and the Wasp, and American Jonathan Tucker, seen in the latest series Monsterland and City on a Hill or even in the third season of Westworld, this sci-fi thriller explores a different exotic Phenomena in each episode, in the form of probes with accents from the X-files.

A spaceship, a UFO found in a field, toxic rain and suspicious deaths: the two agents will have to take all risks to understand the source of these unexplained events, and confront discoveries that could turn their lives upside down.

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Debris was released in early 2021 on NBC, but unfortunately did not convince Debris in terms of audiences, and the series, but was created by the maker of the great show Fringe, another thriller that aired between 2008 and 2013, was canceled after one season. last May.

It will therefore be necessary to be satisfied with these 13 episodes, which are broadcast exclusively on the Serieclub channel in France at the rate of three episodes per evening, with the exception of Monday, June 13, when the four episodes will be shown for release. Series.

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