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DeepWell: Towards Therapeutic Video Game Production –

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DeepWell Digital Therapeutics is the result of a collaboration between two experts: Ryan Douglas, an American medical device specialist, and Mike Wilson, co-founder of publisher Devolver Digital.

Therapeutic video games

For the general public, a video game It should be fun, a distraction, or even a form of artistic expression. but according to Geek Diary It can also be used to treat people. In fact, the new studio was named DeepWell digital therapies will produce video games For therapeutic purposes.

two experts

This company was born out of a collaboration between two experts: Ryan Douglasan American specialist in medical devices, and Mike Wilsonbig name in video game, Known for co-founding the publisher digital developer. He specializes in publishing independent games. This expert is especially known for streaming the legendary Hotline Miami, but also Sublime Grace, or even Talos Principle, Proforce, Power Deaths, Enter Gangeon, Shadow Warrior…

Harnessing the hidden healing potential

Mike Wilson Have steered clear of this particularly heterogeneous catalog with deep wellBecause he wants to extract a file video games From the shackles of raw entertainment, enabling them to exploit the potential therapeutic It is hidden from this method. In fact, many serious studies have already researched this topic, at the moment, it is proven that video games It can be used not only for diagnosis, but also for the treatment of certain conditions.

Design real digital treatments

Many researchers and institutions began to design real digital therapies, for a few years, instead of accidentally producing toys to treat people. Recently, forms of virtual reality-based therapies have been observed. the edge cited for example Endeavor
It’s about video game FDA approved and prescribed to children with or without ADHD.

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