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Facebook launches live audio rooms and embed podcasts

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At a time of increasing popularity of podcasts and voice chat rooms, Facebook launched its live audio rooms in France on Monday, October 11th.

Inspired by what has been done for videos – by making it possible to offer real pocket editing software to edit them – Facebook has chosen to introduce new tools to include a dedicated audio studio this time around. Three experiences called Soundbites, Podcast, and Live Audio Rooms have just been revealed.

Live acoustic rooms inspired by the Clubhouse

The live sound rooms or live sound rooms were announced last April to regain their success after the success of the Clubhouse social network, and today they reach many countries. It is based on rooms where users can come and discuss topics chosen by the organizer. Like a small radio studio. “All public figures and all approved creators will have the opportunity to host live acoustic rooms,” he explains Facebook social networking site France.

At the same time, group administrators can, if they wish, open voice chat sessions with their members.

In addition, the social network will test the possibility of creating live audio rooms via an Android smartphone, but it will also be possible to listen to them via a computer. An iOS release date has not been announced.

Facebook relies heavily on this service, especially since 1.8 billion users are linked to one or more groups according to Facebook.

When Facebook detailed this new option last April, it was determined that Live Audio Rooms users would also be able to turn the free conversation into a podcast for later broadcasting and archive conversations. While content creators will be able to monetize their services. We can also imagine private (paid?) showcases curated by musical artists.

It is worth noting that Facebook will provide audio tools (sound effects, royalty-free music, etc.) through a new function called Sound Collection. “Thanks to the advances we’ve made in artificial intelligence, we can make sound quality very good, even if you’re recording in the middle of a busy street,” the network says.

Audio samples for sharing

Other audio services are in development and offered, but currently only in the US. Such is the case with the Soundbites function, which allows you to edit short voice messages to share with your friends. Jokes, poems, ideas, beginnings of songs… The tool should allow you to unleash your creativity and ideas. Such as tik tok My voice. Even if we already imagine that this type of content has to be regulated, as is the case for hate messages on the network.


gaining popularity of podcasts, social network It chose to incorporate it into its platform. More than 170 million people are already subscribed to hundreds of thousands of podcast pages on Facebook and more than 35 million people are members of enthusiast groups. Podcasts. However, until now, you’ve had to leave the Facebook app to listen to the episodes,” Facebook explains.

Facebook podcasts are currently only available across the Atlantic, but should also arrive in the coming months. The network will let you listen to it live via its app and even in the background, we explain. Facebook adds that it will also be able to suggest podcasts according to the tastes of its users. A way to recover more personal data on it.

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