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Delays in the construction of the Rouen Noranda Aquatic Center

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The city of Rouen-Noranda explains this new delay in the absence of bids from architectural firms to produce design and construction plans for the aquatic centre.

It’s not the first time we’ve seen this in recent years come out to bid and we don’t have any bidders. It reflects the shortage of manpower we see everywhere and the number of contracts that professionals have everywhere in the region.identifies Vice Mayor of Rowan Noranda, Samuel Ramsay Hall.


Therefore, the municipal administration must issue a new invitation to bid. This process requires some time for analysis and discussion, according to Samuel Ramsay Hall.

By talking with some professionals, we can see what sets it apart or not. Hopefully we can get one or two bidders through the second call, even if it means getting out of the zone, if necessary.the deputy mayor recalls.

Deputy Mayor Samuel Ramsay Hall.

Photo: Radio Canada/Andre Udette

Soil analysis continues where the aqueous center will be located. However, the project could not go further without the contribution of the architects.

We will wait for your professional, technical and design quotations before proceeding.says Samuel Ramsay Hall.

It is not excluded that other delays may occur along with difficulties in the attempt of the new city to seek the services of architects. The aquatic center is still scheduled to open in 2024.

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