Democratic Republic of the Congo: The ninth edition of the Science and Technology Week ends to the satisfaction of the organizers

After a week of activities, the ninth edition of Science and Technology Week (SST9) concluded on Friday, April 22, 2022, in Kinshasa, to the satisfaction of the organizers, in particular the non-profit Association to Invest in People (IIP Asbl).

The greatest advantages of SST9 were to bring together participants from nine different countries, and to organize exchanges, conferences and competitions in some provinces of the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC).

For the organizers, SST9 has been a huge success with more than 90% of the set goals being met.

I am proud of SST9. It was an exceptional release like the one staged in 2019”said Raisa Mallo, initiator and director of individual investment at Asbl, SST9 regulator.

For a representative of the Wallonie Bruxelles Center, a sponsor of SST9, this is a commendable initiative that continues to promote the science. One of the reasons, he says, encourages the Walloon Center Brussels to support him.

Space science and technology applications can contribute to the development of the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Africa. We quenched our thirst. We are waiting for concrete actions to be taken in order to promote science in the Democratic Republic of the Congo as well as on the continent. He said in essence.

Gadot Kasongo, Head of the “Science” Program at UNESCO’s office in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, was satisfied with his foundation’s promise of continued support for the Science and Technology Week.

UNESCO supports science as part of the implementation of the 2030 Agenda. UNESCO is the only United Nations agency carrying the sciences of science. In my opinion, science and technology are essential to international growth,” pointed out.

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Note that on the sidelines of SST9, a Hackathon was organized, at the end of which various winners were honored for their excellence during the events. Thus, the Carmen Sayles Institute (Kinshasa), the Liseba Institute (Kinshasa) and the Kembella Secondary School (North Kivu) received various awards from the hands of the organizers.

The sponsor of the event, Yusuf Mulombo, football player and former captain of the DRC Leopards, encouraged young people to be able to invest in science and technology, the foundations of sustainable development for the DRC and Africa.

As a reminder, the 9th edition of Science and Technology Week was organized by Investing in People Asbl with the support of the Ministry of Primary, Secondary and Technical Education (EPST), the Ministry of Higher Education and University (ESU), the NGO Elongo Elonga and UNESCO.

The chosen topic was “Space technologies for sustainable development in Africa”.

DRC Science and Technology Week is a science event of continental renown. It helps reveal the next generation of African scientists, women and men who will support the development of the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Africa. Its motto is “Science is fun, join us.”

Olivier Cavour

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