What if cocoa helped fight obesity?

The Cocoa It is especially known to interfere with the formation of chocolate. Recently, researchers at Pennsylvania State University investigated whether its use could have a positive effect on our health. To verify this, they conducted experiments on mice.

Subjects used for this study They were on a high-fat diet and were suffering from liver disease. Experiments showed that adding cocoa powder to their food greatly improved their health. According to the researchers, these results could also be applied to humans.

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According to them, cocoa can help fight obesity.

Proven health effects

Joshua Lambert, professor at the Pennsylvania State School of Agricultural Sciences, highlighted the many benefits of cocoa consumption. It is a food rich in fiber, iron and phytochemicals. Cocoa is said to have proven effects on health, particularly in the treatment of obesity.

“Although it is generally considered a food due to its high sugar and fat content, epidemiological and interventional studies in humans have suggested that consumption of chocolate is associated with a reduced risk. Cardiovascular disease, particularly cerebrovascular accidents, coronary heart disease and type 2 diabetes.”

Experiments were performed on mice

In this study, the researchers used a commercially available cocoa product made in A. “A dose that is physiologically achievable.” This means that a human can easily reproduce with its equivalent. The researchers noted that this corresponds to About 10 tablespoons of cocoa powder a day or “If you follow the directions on a pack of Hershey’s cocoa powder, that means about five cups of hot cocoa per day.”

In this study, the researchers selected mice that were at an advanced stage of obesity. They noticed that the weight gain in the mice that fed a cocoa-based diet decreased by about 21%. The weight of the spleen decreased.

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Experts said these mice had 28% less fat in their livers.

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