Different strategies but the same goal for the Autowise candidates | Canada elections 2021

We need to coordinate our activities in the field, to ensure that volunteers have a safe place to land after a working dayMcKinnon explained during the opening of his electoral office in Gatineau, insisting that all health conditions be respected.

The basis of our campaign is to meet the residents of Gatineau, at their doorstep, and this is what many volunteers will do right away.The outgoing Liberal MP added.

On the Conservative side, Michel Gauthier, a candidate in a Pontiac ride and a party spokesman in Ottaway, explains that the selection was made without an electoral campaign office.

It is a decision made in the context of the pandemic. We want to reduce the chances of contracting COVID-19. Across Quebec, the catchphrase is: as much as possible, avoid opening offices, and work from home.

For candidates from the New Democratic Party (NDP) and the Canadian Green Party in Ottawa, the choice not to have a polling station was dictated as much by the pandemic as by economic reality.

Shaun MacArthur, Canadian Green Party candidate, rides a Pontiac

Photo: Facebook/Shaughn McArthur

This is the case of Dennis Giroud in particular, for NPD, and based on Sean MacArthur, for the Greens, in Pontiac.

It was an economical choice. […] We decided that the most effective way to get our message across is to invest our money in connecting with and visiting people on the site and on social networks., explains Mr. MacArthur.

You don’t really need a campaign desk.

Quote from:Shaun MacArthur, Canadian Green Party candidate in a Pontiac

According to M. MacArthurThis does not prevent you from going up Dynamic and creative campaign.

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Guide? Next week, the green candidate will take his paddle to meet the voters.

I’ll paddle 150 kilometers north of our Maniwaki route all the way to Ottawa, meet people and hold events on the beaches further south to enhance our view in a slightly different way.

Participation in events, door-to-door, election posters…these methods really don’t change for the candidates leading this short campaign.

persuading voters

And the electoral office or not, the goal above all is to meet the voters and convince them.

For Mr. McKinnon, it is about defending the outgoing government’s record.

I think this is a great start for the Canadian Liberal Party, both in Ottawa and across the country. We’ve taken very important steps, both in terms of long-term care for seniors, in terms of funding our programs, in terms of economic recovery.

In the region, Mr. McKinnon will be particularly advocating for a National Capital Law It expanded to protect Gatineau Park and create a sixth link between Ottawa and Gatineau.

You have far exceeded our capacity, and our bridges are in dire need of love. […] So the idea that we can visualize the future of a huge area without adding capacity and infrastructure is very wrong in my opinion, and that’s why for 50 years, experts […] He told us we needed to add capacity in the area.

Interviewing Michel Gautier abroad.

Michel Gauthier, Conservative candidate in a Pontiac ride and party spokesman in Ottawa

Photo: Radio Canada

Conservative candidate Michel Gautier, for his part, is insisting on trams and recruitment into the federal public service. But he is also concerned about a labor shortage. He said programs that liberals put in place during the pandemic, such as the Canada Emergency Benefit (CEP) or the Canada Economic Stimulus Benefits (CEP), have shown their limits.

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There are a lot of companies looking for employment. In the rural part of the county, I have people who own restaurants that are closed half the week due to lack of manpower. People stay at home. […] We can’t blame them, but we should avoid creating programs that make him remove the urge to go to work.

Internet access, health and of course the environment are at the heart of the priorities Sean MacArthur.

It is a large area, and the facts differ between rural and urban areas. But I hear three things: The first is that people don’t want elections […]The second is that they are very concerned about climate change, and how to build a more sustainable economy for the future. in the last, [ils se demandent] How are we going to be able to support our hospitals, our quality education, our infrastructure when we have so much debt.

A woman poses for a photo, smiling, arms crossed.

Dennis Gero, candidate for the New Democratic Party in Pontiac

Photo: Courtesy/New Democratic Party of Canada

candidate NPDDennis Gero, for her part, has felt voters’ frustration with a liberal government that hasn’t done enough, she says, to fight climate change. The oppressive heat of the past few days has convinced her that this issue will be on everyone’s lips when it comes to going to the polls.

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