Disadvantages and risk of injury: REM trains not ‘up to expected’

From the clothing to the finish, including the assembly and electrical wiring of the carriages, CEO Jean-Marc Arbod laments in the document dated September 7. breach of principles and good train manufacturing practices. The product delivered is not Not at the expected level.

The letter was sent to Eric Appert, director of the union known as the Montreal Mobility Partners Group, after brief inspections of Brossard.

Observed defects could affect the quality of service to be provided to REM passengers in terms of reliability, comfort, quality and, in some cases, pose a potential risk of passenger injury.

Quote from:Jean-Marc Arbod, CEO of CDPQ Infra, responsible for implementing REM, in a letter to the consortium.

In the pictures attached to the letter, we find out the welding problems on the rails carried by the passengers. The train access door is poorly adjusted and dented. Electrical wires are poorly shielded or even damaged.

Problems arose for months

CEO asks On the general quality of train manufacture and assembly In Sri City, India. He adds that 30% of the cars are already manufactured and therefore exist Increased risk of significant stain buildup.

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He is growing concerned about the situation as Alstom was already informed of the problems several months ago. However, the corrections were not made at the Indian factory and the defects It is still being revealedJean-Marc Arbod Books.

add to be Concerned about these findings that clearly show a breach Neither the contract nor best practices in the field are respected, he said.

It seems that the quality standards in Sri City do not live up to those expected by REM.

Quote from:Jean-Marc Arbod, CEO of CDPQ Infra, responsible for implementing REM, in a letter to the consortium.

It’s another slab that falls on the REM project when it actually is many times. The cost of the project has also increased in particular Because of the epidemic and the high cost of materials. The first phase will cost at least seven billion dollars.

was Alstom Preferred to Bombardier in awarding the contract. But nothing guarantees that the manufacturer in Quebec – which has since been swallowed by Alstom – The trains would have been manufactured at its factory in La Pocatière, as it also had facilities in Asia.

CPDQ Infra . Received The first cars in October 2020. Alstom’s plant in Surrey City is to produce 212. Each train will consist of two self-propelled cars. The parts come from Indian suppliers.

Workers pay $2 an hour

In 2018, Radio-Canada revealed that Alstom workers in Sri City earn $2 an hour more intensively than in Quebec, where a welder earns an hourly wage of about $30.

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Then a company executive confirmed it When we transfer technology from one country to another, we also transfer the culture of quality and the culture of the product.

The rapid eye movement is convinced to divert the current

There is a trend taking hold in some elements of the production chain and we would like to correct that., confirms Director of Communications at CDPQ Infra, Jean-Vincent Lacroix.

However, those responsible for the project are very confident Corrections are made by Alstom and the spokesperson ensures thisFor now, we haven’t discovered anything big that could worry us in the future, to commission.

In the percentages of cars that we received, everything that was explained can be corrected and will be corrected. We’re also confident about the rest of the rolling stock.

Quote from:Jean-Vincent Lacroix, REM spokesperson

The fact that we have alerts like this, several months before the start of operation, shows that we are very strict in both our expectations and our inspections., he explains.

The same reassuring letter from Alstom, which claims to have put it in place Detailed and planned action plan In response to this message.

The manufacturer, bearing the cost of repairs, claims that the purpose of the tests is to modify or correct the elements.

Alstom teams are keen to deliver a high-performance, high-quality network, and everything is set to make it happen.Answers Adrien Vernhes, the company’s spokesperson for the Americas.

The creator and promoter assures that the project schedule is respected. The first departure dates have been set In the summer of 2022 In the Rif Sud branch.

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