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Discriminatory Housing Ads: The HRC calls for order

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The Commission on Human Rights and Youth Rights (CDPDJ) called for some homeowners’ demand on Monday after being told that several discriminatory rental advertisements had been aired in recent weeks.

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The context of the shortage makes it difficult to find housing in Quebec, and some landlords can take advantage of this increase in demand to tighten their selection criteria, sometimes even going so far as to reject tenants based on personal characteristics.

“Some people are publicly denied access to housing, especially because they have children or because they are indigenous, which is unacceptable and illegal,” said Philippe André Tessier, president of the commission, in a press release.

Consequently, these residential ads are condemned by the Charter of Human Rights and Freedoms, which prohibits “the publication, publication, or publication of any notice or advertisement that involves discrimination.”

Therefore, the charter lists approximately 14 causes of discrimination, in particular choosing a person according to his “race,” gender, ethnic or national origin, religion, social status, disability, or even his age.

“All owners, including duplex owners, must therefore be reminded that the choice of tenants cannot be made on the basis of the personal characteristics listed in the Charter of Human Rights and Freedoms,” said Mr. Tessier.

A person whose residency has been denied on the basis of these criteria can file a complaint with the commission in an individual appeal.

The authority has also provided many documents on its website to inform owners and tenants of their rights and obligations.

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