Djamel Belmadi: “We play for the people”

Back from Egypt after greens victory In front of Djibouti on Friday, national coach Djamel Belmadi addressed the decisive match against Burkina Faso, on Tuesday, in Blida, and the return of the fans to this meeting.

Algeria beat Djibouti by a score of 4-0 Friday 12 November in Cairo for 5NS Today is the penultimate day of the 2022 World Cup qualifiers.

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In the other Group A match, Niger was surprised by defeating Burkina Faso in Marrakesh 1-1. At the end of the new round, Algeria ranked first in its group with 13 points, ahead of Burkina Faso with 11 points.

Foxes and stallions will meet with swords on Tuesday (November 16th) at Mustapha Tchaker Stadium in Blida to qualify for the play-offs. If the Algerians need a small point to pass, Burkina Faso must score the feat and beat Blida to qualify.

Returning from Egypt with his national coach team Jamal Belmadi The color was announced upon arrival at Algiers airport.

against Djibouti. The goal was the three points, I’m satisfied Call the national coach. He added that there are other goals, including giving time to players who did not play enough, citing Benyada and Zurjan and the first goal that Benrahma scored in the green shirt.

Djamel Belmadi was not surprised that 14,000 tickets were sold out for the match between Algeria and Burkina Faso. ” It’s no surprise (…) they love their choice », talking about Algerian supporters. “ We miss the audience (…) We play for the people, it’s not diplomacy or populism. We play for our people, and we know they love football ».

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In the decisive match against Burkina Faso, Tuesday, in Blida, the Greens need a draw to qualify, but Djamel Belmadi first wants the national team to play a great match. ” Draw, win or lose, we have a match and we want to play a great match and we are waiting for that match “, He said.

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