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Does Gaspé change color … inadvertently?

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Regional Director of Public Health, Dr. Yves Bonnet Figer, asked for an explanation. I think it might be an omission. I wait for the answers.

The doctor believes that the outbreaks that occurred in May in Haute-Gaspisi and Avignon were well controlled.

Current cases in these two MRC Related to these events. Two cases were also recorded on Tuesday in Haute-Gaspésie. These are waves, Refers to a public health official specifying that not everyone develops symptoms at the same time after an outbreak.

The two outbreaks occurred in schools, which facilitated the spread of families whose members were isolated, according to the doctor. Currently, he says, people who have tested positive for COVID-19 are already confined, limiting the infection.

The governor of Haute-Gaspésie, Allen Cormier, takes the news with philosophy. He pointed out that the two outbreaks occurred in May, one in Haute-Gaspisi and the other in West MRC Davignon produced about 200 cases, including more than fifty in Haute-Gaspésie. He believes it is only a day before residents can benefit from the curtailment of health measures.

However, Dr. Bonnier-Viger recalls that regardless of the color of the area, the virus continues to spread and that barrier signals such as wearing a mask, washing hands and physical distancing, are always the basis of infection prevention.

Magdalene Islands, also in yellow

The lack of a change in the alert level of the Gaspisi-Ile de la Madeleine region surprises and disappoints Ile de la Madeleine’s deputy, Joel Arsino.

He urges Quebec to make the archipelago green from next Monday. Joel Arsino says the Madlinot family has been waiting for this reduction in procedures for several months.

The member notes that the COVID-19 vaccination rates in the archipelago are higher than those in the whole of Quebec. According to the most recent data provided by Public Health, 80% of Madelinots received their first dose of the vaccine and more than a quarter of the population had also received their second dose of the vaccine.

Additionally, he said, no positive case of COVID-19 has been identified on the islands since last January. He said in a press conference that what we are asking the government is to set the record straight, to give us the real picture and above all, to show consideration for the islanders and Madelinot who respected the rules even if it was an epidemic. The situation does not always require this.

The attorney would also like to understand what the standards are and according to the guidelines by which the national public health decision was made. According to him, the archipelago is preserved in artificial At the yellow level while all indicators are green.

Starting Monday, June 7, the Alert Level will be lowered for most regions of Quebec. In eastern Quebec, the four MRC East of Pas Saint Laurent, namely Rimouski Negate, Metis, Matane and Matapedia, will go to Yellow Alert Level.

On the other side of the river, the Côte-Nord will be heading to the green advance warning level.

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