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Donating litter can greatly advance science

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Donating your poo can greatly advance science. If the idea sounds awkward, and even completely eccentric, it is in any case the project organized by l“Enray (National Institute of Agricultural Research) and theInserm (National Institute of Health and Medical Research)This is for a specific purpose.

French Gut

While the functioning of the human body still hides mysteries and chronic diseases are still numerous and difficult to eradicate, I’Inserm Serves as an introduction to scientific and technological research in France.

You regularly get funding from several government agencies, Thus you can try Inserm to understand how our bodies react to diseases. todayInserm in partnership withEnray Project developmentFrench Gut. The goal is to develop knowledge of the French gut microbiome. Clearer : This project must be enabledImproving health and reducing costs associated with chronic diseases that have been constantly increasing in recent years (Diabetes, obesity, cancer, allergies, inflammatory bowel disease, etc.)“I explainnserm.

crazy project

It was launched on September 16th,”French Gut Intends to reveal the secrets of microorganisms through analysis 100,000 stool samples. So, The French are encouraged to donate their faeces by registering in the The project Location. Project developers qualify it “A little crazy”But it is very ambitious because it is a question, By 2027, to collect, sequence and analyze the microorganisms of 100,000 Frenchwith the aim of identifying all their diversity.

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Today, we know that germs play an important role in the functions of the digestive, metabolic, immune and nervous systems,” Thomas recalls. loinDeputy Director General of the National Institute of Health and Medical Research’s strategy (Inserm).

“We also know that changing it is an explanation for many diseases, such as obesity and diabetes, krone or some types of cancer. But we still have a lot to understand in order to accurately measure its impact on our business the health “He completed.

The study should answer questions such as: What is the role of food, pollution, stress or play antibioticsAre they in our bodies? But also to what extent can we work on its composition to prevent the emergence of certain diseases?

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