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Nintendo will soon avoid Facebook and Twitter login methods

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Nintendo said that within a month, it will no longer be possible to log into your Nintendo account with a linked Facebook or Twitter account. However, the company will keep communications through Apple or Google accounts.

Nintendo Switch OLED, for illustration // Source: Anthony Winner – Frandroid

You are calling your services nintendo Using your Twitter or Facebook account? Enjoy it, because it won’t be possible at all soon. in Blog post Posted this week, Nintendo tells us that these connection methods will be blocked starting October 25th. The company that asks the respective users to forgive them for “The cause of the inconvenienceHowever, it specifies that potential technical complications could result in delays in implementing this measure, which will be of particular concern to players. Nintendo Switch.

Once implemented, this change will prevent users from earning MyNintendo Points using their Facebook and Twitter accounts. On the other hand, it will still be possible to do this, and we read by connecting using Apple or Google accounts.

Are you worried that Nintendo is telling you how to…

Note that removing online mode via Facebook or Twitter won’t necessarily mean an automatic disconnection of your Nintendo account if you’re concerned. If this is the case, Nintendo states that it will simply be necessary to connect the email address (or login ID) and password of your Nintendo account. As mentioned above, you will also be offered to sign in with a Google or Apple account if you encounter a login screen.

As of 10/25/2022, it will no longer be possible to log into a Nintendo account using a Facebook or Twitter account. We apologize for any inconvenience.

more information : https://t.co/FRp17b3aWZ

– Nintendo France September 20 2022

Nintendo also illustrates three special cases. If you have not set up or forgotten a password for your Nintendo account, you will need to go through “Forgot your passwordto be able to configure it.

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If you did not receive the password reset email (after waiting for a long time and checking that no email from “[email protected]” came to your inbox or your spam), Nintendo refers to its own support service. Same for users who can no longer access the email address registered to their account.

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