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Door-to-Door Delivery: How to Send Money to Ukraine from Canada in the Most Convenient Way

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Due to the problematic situation in the country, Ukrainians abroad and just caring people continue actively transferring money home to support relatives and friends who remained in Ukraine financially. You can also find an answer on how to send money to Ukraine from Canada, but each chosen method has nuances. So, why do people choose door-to-door delivery?

What to Consider when Choosing a Method of Transferring Funds?

Foreign money transfer services may incur additional costs, such as transfer fees and currency exchange rates. Therefore, when selecting a process for transferring funds, you should check all the available conditions. Otherwise, you can lose a tidy sum.

So, to find the cheapest way to send money to Ukraine and not overpay the commission, you need to find out the following:

  • The company tariffs for the amount you are going to send.
  • Restrictions on the minimum and maximum transfer amount.
  • Whether the sent funds will be given in the US currency or transferred at the hryvnia exchange rate.
  • Exchange rates of foreign currency into hryvnia that will be applied.
  • Additional fees will be charged for the door-to-door delivery and in its amount.

Benefits of Door-to-Door Delivery of Funds

Of course, sending money in a parcel is forbidden — this is prohibited cargo. The only option to send money to Ukraine is an international money transfer. If the recipient cannot access the bank, or there is no way to go out and receive money, you can order a courier delivery to the address. Why is it convenient?

  • No need to go anywhere — the funds will be brought to your home.
  • You can choose the currency you will receive money.
  • Express delivery is possible.
  • You feel safe with money at home and that no one will steal it on the way.

How to Send Money to Ukraine from Canada with Meest Door-to-Door Delivery?

A person going to send an international transfer concludes that all possible transfer services abroad are too expensive, complicated, or unreliable. Finding a service that would combine everything can be challenging. Meest Canada offers transfers to the bank branch and by courier to the address.

The Door-to-Door transfer of money to Ukraine involves delivering money by the Meest courier service directly to recipients in any part of Ukraine. It should be noted that, depending on the delivery amount, you pay $6-15 plus a percentage if it exceeds $1 500.

  • Delivery time — 2-30 days.
  • You can deliver faster — for an additional fee.
  • Money transfers can be received in dollars or hryvnia on your choice.

The support service works at the highest level, so you can always contact the company’s agents in the office or online.

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