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Download the Deezer APK for free on Android

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Deezer is a streaming platform that provides music, podcasts, and audiobooks on demand. It is online accessible and very easy to use, and is available on PC and Mac as a website version. You can also get the service on mobile devices, smart TVs, and consoles in the form of an app that can be downloaded and installed for free..


Download Deezer: Music, Podcasts, and Playlists for Android

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Deezer Mobile Developer | Updated on 06/04/2021

What is Deezer?

Deezer is a French music streaming platform created on August 22, 2007 thanks to two developers: Daniel Marhely and Jonathan Benassaya. The main office is in Paris. When it started, was completely free, but as of 2009 it offered a paid plan with no ads and much better sound quality than the free version. Two years after its inception, Deezer has already submitted nearly two million songs for unlimited listening on its platform, with over a million visitors.

The site’s success propelled its creators to place it on the international stage with the opening of Deezer UK in 2011. Meanwhile, Deezer signed a global partnership with Facebook to integrate Deezer into the social network. In October 2012, the site published a catalog of 20 million titles and gathered 26 million users, including 2 million subscribers.

After this publication, which was well received by internet users, Deezer continues its momentum. As of 2013, the service is present in more than 200 regions around the world. Since then, the platform has become available in more than 35 languages, including French, English, German, Spanish, Russian, Indonesian, Korean, Portuguese and Italian. Concerned about its growing clientele, the service began developing its own app for PC and Mac, offering FLAC audio, and then on Android and iOS smartphones.

Download Deezer

In exchange for a monthly subscription without obligation, Deezer Premium allows its users to take advantage of an offline service that allows them to view and download audio content provided by the platform. One can also fully enjoy songs and podcasts without interrupting commercials.

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Currently this service can be accessed from any device with a web browser and a good internet connection. The latter allows for immediate downloading of the audio stream. Deezer Premium is also available on mobile devices (smartphone and tablet), smart TV and consoles via the app which can be downloaded for free from the app stores.

Why use Deezer?

56 million songs, playlists, and podcasts plus personalized recommendations make Deezer a standard on the streaming platform. Deezer offers the latest music news, the best podcasts, and audiobooks available, updated daily.


Flow is perhaps what sets Deezer apart from its siblings. It is a feature that collects information from its users from their playlists, the most played or most-listened songs of the artists. Thus, the job learns to know its user and understand what they like at a particular time of day, thus, offering an easy-to-use and customized playlist.

When a user has added at least 15 favorites to their playlist, Flow will appear in the Music tab of the app or website. He can then improve and feed him by adding more content to his “favorites”. Flow takes inspiration from all of the listening processes and records the flow, be it an album, artist, or soundtrack.

Custom playlists

Those who use Deezer can customize their playlist to their liking. Available on the “Music” tab of the app or on the home page on a PC, each playlist will provide its users with 40 tracks that can inspire them throughout the week. These playlists are updated every week regarding new additions and favorites.

Music, audiobooks, and podcasts

Deezer currently has nearly 73 million titles, where we can find great classics, decade songs or even new favorites. After downloading and installing the application, the user will be able to listen to any song, artist or album from his smartphone or computer.

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People residing in Germany, the Netherlands and Austria can take advantage of the offers that provide them with a wide range of audiobooks. Once they find the audiobooks, users will be able to follow their authors, create a playlist and add these audiobooks just like music to it.

Freedom to choose to subscribe

A free Deezer subscription gives access to over 56 million songs, podcasts, audiobooks and radio stations. The platform also allows you to create your own library and share music and playlists. On the other hand, music can be accessed in shuffle play on a smartphone, and limitations of the free Deezer service mean that we can only press six titles per hour.

With Deezer Premium, the platform’s paid service, users can enjoy unlimited music on all connected devices: computers, tablets, smartphones, audio systems, televisions, game consoles, etc. In addition to that, they can download the music for later listening offline. In addition, the music has better sound quality (MP3, 320kbps).

What are the new features of Deezer?

More easy flow, more convenient distribution

If Deezer does not incorporate new innovations into its platform, we can still say that the features already in place have been improved. We can cite as an example the Flow app that updates even after a few hours of use. We can also conjure up an almost perfect playlist that is automatically generated according to the user’s preferences. These two features introduce new artists and new songs from the same or same country genre, expanding the app’s search area easily and intuitively.

The Deezer app is available as a free download from Internet browsers for PC and Mac by going to You can also listen to the music there without any downloading. Compatible browsers are: Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and Safari.

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For Android devices, you can go to Play Store and download the Deezer app for free. The same applies to iOS devices.

Deezer is also available on sound systems, smart speakers, smart TVs, smart watches, cars, and game consoles. Simply go to the app bank for these devices, search for and download the Deezer app for free.

What are the alternatives to Deezer?


Spotify It remains to this day the best Deezer alternative. Spotify is a streaming platform that brings together in one place; New music, podcasts, playlists, and personalized recommendations. The platform is very simple and easy to use, and it is available as a free application to download on the mobile phone. The service can also be accessed directly online from all web browsers.

Apple Music

Although it is less available in terms of volume of content, Apple Music Enough to keep the high ranking officer in Deezer. For the latter, the platform provides unlimited access to music, podcasts and radio stations available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Integrated into all Apple branded terminals, the service is also available on web browsers, Android and Alexa.

YouTube Music

YouTube Music, YT Music for the masses, is a streaming Cadore music. As in the case of Deezer, the platform provides almost the same functionality; Playlist, talk track, recommendation, stream … the biggest difference is that user can browse music videos on YouTube. The service can be downloaded from the Play Store and App Store, as well as from web browsers.

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