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Antoine Vizina, new voice for “Un supper almost parfait”

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Tony Vaughn
Tony Vaughn
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“Almost Perfect Supper” found its new sound. A follower of food as much as he is uncomfortable, Antoine Vizina will be serving since autumn as the narrator left by Andre Ducharme, who has commented on the culinary competition for more than 10 years.

In the test, Antoine Vizina was asked to dubbing an already existing episode of “Un Dinner Quasi-Parfait”, and the result was conclusive. Andrei Ducharme, who announced his departure last November, after leaving his mark with humor, the actor intends to continue in the same line, whether he is sarcastic or in love.

“Just laughing at people doesn’t help,” says Antoine Vizina, “but you have to be a little bit blocked.” Of course, if a competitor is at fault, this is not what we will cut; This is what we will keep! The colors will stay the same: everything starts with the people out there. We don’t have much to do, other than highlight the moments. We do not have to impose anything. I will simply accompany the participants. “

“The show has already reached a great climax so I don’t feel under pressure. The concept is really strong, and I will gladly say it,” adds Antoine Vizina, who is “going into the kitchen” at the dubbing sessions over the summer.

The latter had already enjoyed wondering which dish was the winner if he ever had to try the “Almost Perfect Dinner” contest.

“My girlfriend (Tammy Verge, Editor’s Note) really loves salmon. Or my tuna tataki, which can be amazing. I also make my own dumplings. They aren’t physically beautiful, but they’re not bad!”

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The art of comedy

No doubt Antoine Vizina is the comedian of the hour on Quebec TV. Just this year, he made us laugh at “No Hard Feelings,” “Counter Show,” “LOL,” and “This Is Not a Talk Show,” not counting his hilarious performances in “Infoman” and “MED”, to just name these projects.

Not bad for this former philosophy student, who graduated in theater from the University of Queensland in 2000, and who discovered his acting skills by chance and delay, by giving the answer to a friend who was preparing for auditions. Then UQÀM decision makers invited him to join the program, and what should have been just a professional arc that has been going on now for over 20 years.

“I can’t wait to get back to my basic plan,” jokes the actor, who sticks to the theory that “less is more” in comedy is still the best way to shine.

“You shouldn’t try very hard to make people laugh, even if it seems paradoxical,” he says. A good comedy is something that is grounded, lived, and honest. With a little luck, the situation gets funny, and then you get to know yourself in it and introduce yourself into it. If he “jokes” with a lot of “jokes”, I think we are far from our goal. “

Among all his on-screen tasks, Antoine Vizina claims to have a weakness for “LOL” silent graphics.

“LOL” has a special place to me, because it’s a physical game. When I was taking mime classes at UQÀM, I never would have thought that in 2021, I would live by a business imitation! It’s something I really enjoy, it’s special. “

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Season 12 of “A Almost Perfect Dinner” will be presented in Novo in the fall. You can register to participate on Noovo.ca.

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