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Dubreuil adds bronze to his collection

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Laurent Dubreuil is on fire. After his dedication to the 500-meter race on Friday, in which he became the second Canadian in history to achieve the feat, Dubreuil added another tier by winning a bronze medal in the 1,000-meter race at the World Speed ​​Skating Championships long-distance. Heerenveen, Netherlands.

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“Everything went according to the scenario I hoped for,” said Duprell. I had a quick time and one of the top three skiers had a bad day. I would have preferred to beat Thomas Kroll on the ice, but he had two wrong starts and was left out. I feel like I won a medal by giving it up. On the other hand, I punched everyone but two candidates and Kroll shot himself in the foot. “

Dubreuil, who competed with Kai Verbig like last year, had their best lap time after the 600 meters, but the Dutchman completed the final lap to defeat the skater from Levis and scored the fastest time. Verbij got gold at 1:05:05, compared to Dubreuil 1:08:56. Russian Pavel Kolezhnikov (1:08:31) retreated between the two to claim the silver, the world record holder.

“I am a 500-meter player and I would have had a problem if I wasn’t in first after 600 meters, because the favorites are better than me in the last lap,” said Dupreel. I had my best ever start at 1000m and wished I had taken the initiative bigger to squeeze him, but Kai rides like hell. Winning 0 seconds 3 is huge. If Kroll weren’t left out, I’m sure he would have hit me. I needed special conditions to get to the podium and count myself lucky. I’ll need to improve if I want to win over 1000 meters. But in the meantime, I am enjoying this medal. I take this and treat it as if it were the last. “

Dubreuil climbed the podium in the 1000 meters in the world for the second year in a row after taking the bronze medal last year in Salt Lake City.

“dreams world”

Dubreuil ended the worlds with two podiums. “I have known dream worlds. No matter what happens in the 1,000 meters, I was stunned. My victory in the 500 meters is the highlight of my career. After his victory on Friday, Dubrell received congratulations from fellow countryman Jeremy and Witherspoon, the legend, for his 67 Cup victories,” he said. World, three world titles in the 500m. “He’s really nice and he came to congratulate me after I won. I remember meeting him in Calgary when I was only 14 and he spoke to me for ten minutes while he was making an effort to speak French. “

Ironically, Dubreuil surpassed Norway’s Havard Homefjord Lorentzen on Saturday, who finished fourth. Wotherspoon is the coach of the Norwegian national team and his skater is Dubreuil’s best friend.

If he wasn’t expecting a medal, Grigor Gelonik was so happy that his student made him lie. “The disc is rolling next to us,” said the coach of the national team. At his third 1,000 meters this year, Laurent was close to the best. Run comfortably and stick to his racing plan. By expecting my top 5, I wasn’t far off, but it made me lie. As for cutting out Kroll, that’s part of the skiing. “

Best result

For her part, Beatrice Lamarche had the best result in ending her career in 12th place in the 1000 meters. “Beatrice was doing very well, and he praised Gelonik. She wasn’t far from the top ten. She was starting to feel comfortable and would have wanted to spend another five weeks here.”

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In addition to Dubreuil, Ivanie Blondin won a silver medal in the Collegiate Start. Valérie Maltais finished eighth. Skater La Baie fell while crossing the finish line and hitting her head in the brushes. Speed ​​Skating Canada told us late in the evening that she was feeling a lot better and being at the 5000m start on Sunday was not left out.

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