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Eating less bad snacks at the end of the day?

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If nutritionists don’t recommend snacking, is there a good time for that extra meal?

Eating in a balanced manner and at a set time is part of the recommendations to keep fit. However, a little craving may occur during the day. It can be due to a snack and then helps to carry on until the next meal. But most of the time lead to gnawing When there is no feeling of hunger.

Depending on individual preferences, this snack can be sweet or salty. It can happen at 4 pm for a snack with sweets or cake. But it also arrives around 6-7pm with an aperitif. Potato chips and sausages can also be considered snacks if eaten outside of meals.

Anyway, snacking is not a good eating habit. this It would lead to the growth of belly fat and promote obesity in young children. However, a US study devoted to energy expenditure gives clues as to the best time to give in to the temptation to indulgence.

More calories (and thus little pleasures) are eliminated at the end of the day

In this study, researchers invited 7 volunteers. For 37 days they noted their eating habits but also the daily calories that were eliminated. However, volunteers were tested under specific conditions. In fact, they didn’t have a watch, an internet connection, a phone, or even a window. so it was It’s impossible for them to tell the time now.

In addition, different sunrise and sunset times are assigned to each day. The aim of the study was Determine the energy expenditure of each volunteer. so called periods slow burning (i.e. where the body removes the least calories) occurs at night and upon awakening. While it was a stage fast burn It happens at the end of the day.

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Therefore, it is proposed to study Instead of having a snack at the end of the day So that calories are eliminated more easily. On the contrary, it shows that it is not recommended to snack during the night, even if our rhythm is disrupted.

Are there healthy alternatives to adopt while snacking?

Even if snacks have a slightly less impact on our bodies at the end of the day, they are not an item we add to our daily routine. Thus, the ideal is to control the urges associated with gnawing.

Some people Drink a big glass of water To calm the feeling of hunger. while others are followers Breathing exercises or meditation. However, snacking is not necessarily bad.

If you like a snack, replace cookies, chips or chocolate bars with other products like Fresh fruit, cottage cheese, a square of dark chocolate or a few almonds.

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