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Elder Alvarez’s last buoy | you saw?

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When an athlete changes gym, the first thing we do is contact the coaches. When Eliader asked to meet me, I immediately called Mark to get the facts.Thrones told Radio Canada Sports.

He realizes that Alvarez (25-2, 13 KO) has a tremendous talent. But for him to agree to work with him to get him back on the ring, it takes an ongoing commitment.

Call me at the end of July. I was surprised. I knew it in Miami with Pedro Diaz who has a great team of boxers. I found he had a beautiful environment there, and that he had what it took to thrive and relaunch his career.

Quote from:Stéphane Laroche, boxing coach

In fact, if Alvarez chooses to return to Montreal, it is purely for financial reasons. He could not come to an agreement with Diaz, who demanded a weekly wage in lieu of the percentage normally paid at once after a fight.

Indirect negotiations were conducted through the promoter Yvon Michel (GYM), from whom Alvarez obtained the money he needed for a living in Florida (gymnasium, housing, food).

The initial goal was to prepare Elider for the evening of August 28 at Gary Park. But the problem came when Pedro Diaz demanded that he pay an advance fee to train EliderGYM chief said.

Alvarez eventually judged that he was not ready to fight that night. Therefore, training with La Roche has already begun at the beginning of September at the Boxe Montreal club in the basement of the Claude-Robillard complex.

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Then Yvonne Michel wanted to put him on the October 22 card at Olympia in Montreal. [la même que le championnat mondial des super-lourds-légers du WBC avec Oscar Rivas, NDLR]. This time again, Alvarez turned down the offer.

Terms have not changed

Full compliance remains, to this day, the key that will allow Alvarez to box again. But now, an adopted Montrealer has a reputation that precedes him. It’s neither the hardest nor the hardest in the gym when it comes to fitness.

Yvonne Michel repeats what he already said when the split from Mark Ramsey occurred the day after his latest loss to Joe Smith Jr., in Las Vegas, in August 2020.

Still the same. If Eleader really showed determination and willingness to prepare well for the fight, Stefan would tell us. Only then will we prepare for his return.

Quote from:Yvonne Michel, President of the Yvonne Michel Group

Stephen of Thrones

Photo: Radio Canada

When Thrones has been asked to rate the chances of seeing Alvarez in the ring again over the next few months, the celebrity coach won’t be on the clock.

I told him I wouldn’t play with the police and I wouldn’t go see him at his house. It’s simple, you have to match your lifestyle with your goals. Your actions must match your words. Your motivation must match your ambitionsThrones said in a sharp tone that left no doubt.

La Roche’s patience and engagement with Alvarez has a deadline.

It’s started a long way and we want to make the right adjustments again. If he’s no longer in an episode by Christmas, that means he won’t be in an episode anymore, at least not with me.

Quote from:Stephen of Thrones

in cables

For his part, Alvarez says he is fully aware of what he has to do to get back to the top. Now 37 years old, he claims to have cleaned up his personal life in order to focus on what’s left of him as a professional boxer.

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Things are going well with Stefan. This is another training approach. I have to adjust a bit because it’s a new experience for meAlvarez admitted to Radio Canada Sports.

He says he wants to combine the techniques and lessons learned at the company of Marc Ramsay and Pedro Diaz with those of La Roche.

Stefan told me he wanted to share 100% of me. He wants me to get back in the ring, but he also wants me to start doing things like before, which I stopped doing. He has been following my career since 2009. He knows me more than I could have imagined.

Quote from:Elder Alvarez, boxer

Among the things to bring back to the ring, Thrones told him about his movements and mobility. Since working with him, I’ve done more than Shade Since I started boxingAlvarez said with a laugh.

The boxer also knows that a window that has just opened can close very quickly in case of failure. Does Alvarez feel that he can meet the expectations of his new coach, and the expectations of his new coach, with this very fact, Yvonne Michel? Does he think he can become world champion again?

If I don’t try I’ll never know, he completed.

The answers will come from him and from him alone. In the meantime, he would have to hold on to this final buoy of pain quickly sinking into oblivion.

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