Elections in Fifth Place: The Monitoring and Oversight Committee denounces rumors and calls for greater vigilance (press release)

As part of monitoring and complying with the Charter of Good Conduct, and overseeing the electoral process under way in Lviv, the Monitoring and Monitoring Committee notes the re-emergence of rumors that are likely to undermine social peace and public order in Côte d’Ivoire.

Faced with this situation, which took place around 12 noon before the election of the members of the Executive Oversight and Governance Bodies of the Ivorian Football Federation scheduled for Saturday 23 April 2022, the Monitoring and Monitoring Committee of the Good Conduct Pact expresses its displeasure with these rumors that could undermine social cohesion.

The Monitoring and Follow-up Committee salutes the sense of responsibility of the candidates, the vigilance and rigor of players and football fans.

The Commission recalls that it is not useful to rush to provide information on the electoral process outside official channels.

The committee commends those who waited for the official reaction to the matter instead of revealing rumors. He calls on all actors and football fans to act permanently in the direction of calm.

The Monitoring and Oversight Committee reiterates and once again endorses previous calls for a peaceful vote in the spirit of fair play. He wishes good luck to the fifty presidential candidates, as well as to other positions and jobs in the federal authority.

Finally, the Commission congratulates and encourages the Electoral Commission to be vigilant in the face of internal factors and external actors that are likely to weigh negatively and harm the way out of the football crisis in Côte d’Ivoire.

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Follow-up and Follow-up Committee

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