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Elliot Page on the front page of Time magazine

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I am completely who I amFocus on the cover, could we read. For the first time since Out In December, the 34-year-old publicly talks about her move in an interview (A new window) Intimate, it was posted this week.

The actor is known for his roles in JunoAnd the Start And the Parachute Academy She confirmed her fleeting and non-binary identity In a social media post on 1is being December 2020.

I expected to receive as much love as hate and this is basically what happenedElliott Page trusts the journalist Katie Steinmetz, Adding that he was surprised by how noisy it was; It has been posted millions of times and has been the subject of hundreds of articles around the world. In one day, he gained more than 400,000 followers on Instagram.

He was very careful after that. The person who uses the pronouns “he” or “iel” (” he is “Or” that they “) Tells time To take advantage of pandemic isolation to learn self-acceptance.

In the interview, the actor, among other things, returned to his childhood in the 90’s in Halifax, lamenting that no example was transgender, heterosexual, or even anomaly.

He reveals that he learned of his true identity at the age of nine – a year before his acting career began – when his mother allowed him to cut his hair. It also describes the happiness he feels in having short hair again.

The 2008 Academy Award-winning artist also admits that he suffered from anxiety and depressive disorders during prime time in his career, when he had to. To lie And to be displayed according to typical standards for an actress in public.

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Just wearing a womens jacket made me feel uncomfortableAnalyze it today.

Despite the fear that catches him, he expresses his gratitude for his presence He reached this point in his life. He says that for a long time he thought it would be impossible for him to reveal his true nature due to his career.

As one of the few transgender men known to the public, he says he feels invested in a mission, especially because of his privileged status.

My privilege has allowed me to have the resources to be able to access who I am today, and of course I want to use this privilege and this platform to help in whatever way I can.L said time.

The actor says he looks to the future with optimism and cannot wait to start acting again.

I’m really happy to resume my acting career, now that I’m exactly who I am, in this form.

Netflix Series Production Team Parachute Academy He actually updated the show’s credits to reflect the actor’s male identity and has confirmed that Elliot Page will continue to play Vanya.

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