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Elon Musk has officially announced the launch of Tesla’s Technoking

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It may soon be necessary to address Elon Musk by calling him “the sire”: the bizarre Tesla boss was officially announced Monday as “Technoking” (the king of technology) by his company.

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Meanwhile, Chief Financial Officer Zak Kirkorn has been awarded the nickname “Master of the Coin”, possibly referring to the electric vehicle maker’s recent purchase of a $ 1.5 billion Bitcoin virtual currency.

The company has not specified whether these titles involve additional duties.

The decision was announced in an administrative document sent to the US Financial Markets Authority (SEC) and consisting of two lines: “As of March 15, 2021, the shares of Elon Musk and Zach Kirkhorn have been changed respectively to Tesla’s Technoking and Master of the Currency. Executive and Chief Financial Officer. “

Familiar with disagreements, Mr Musk has regularly faltered with the Securities and Exchange Commission, which accused him of deceiving investors when he mentioned in a 2018 tweet a possible withdrawal from Tesla while he “ had no financial support. Strong enough for such an operation.

The authority then forced the businessman, whose fortune is currently estimated at $ 179 billion by Bloomberg, to abdicate the position of chairman and pay a fine of $ 20 million.

The businessman also enters the new fashion of “NFT” on Monday, these popular-selling virtual objects that allow a digital work to be linked with a certificate of authenticity that is not hacked in theory thanks to “blockchain” technology, popular thanks to cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin.

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Mr. Musk announced on his Twitter account the sale of a techno piece of music using the theme “NFT” (non-exchangeable symbol, or non-exchangeable symbol) in the name “NFT”.

According to the US press, his partner, Canadian singer Grimes, recently sold “NFT” packages that combine audiovisual creativity with unpublished music for a total of $ 6 million.

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