[EN IMAGES] Nearly 20,000 people took part in a demonstration against the sanitary measures

Nearly 20,000 people gathered for a demonstration against the sanitary measures in Montreal.

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A strong police presence has waited for the demonstrators who gathered on East Sherbrooke Street near the Olympic Stadium since the end of the morning.

“I’m here because the government has tricked me enough, too.” We want this demo to be festive, ”explains Tania Bellanger, in the company of her two young children.

According to our information, many of the demonstrators wear bullet-proof vests and the number of demonstrators is estimated at more than 20 thousand people.

Thousands of people are demonstrating

The demonstrators chanted, “Freedom .. Freedom .. Freedom.” Others say: “The police are with us.”

Residents of the neighborhood who had met during the march also rose up against the demonstrators.

“I can’t believe these people are coming here for a walk with additional children. It will make the problem worse. Obviously, issues will increase in the coming days because of that,” Helen Beauregaard denounces.

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“I am with the mask and the vaccine.“ I am here to demonstrate for my freedom and get back to my normal life, ”says 28-year-old Alexandra Jinwan.

Alexandra Ginowan

Francis Pilon

Alexandra Ginowan

Violating statements

“More than ten statements of violation of non-compliance with instructions have been submitted. In general, it is a quiet and family event,” he assured. magazine Manuel Couture, Public Relations Agent at the Montreal City Police Service (SPVM).

It is noteworthy that the vaccination dates scheduled for Saturday at the Olympic Stadium were “replaced” and “intensified” in other clinics due to the event.

“We have taken measures to avoid being present during the demonstration,” Health and Social Services Minister Christian Dube said yesterday.

The organization of this event was also strongly condemned by stakeholders in the health sector.

Alex Broto / 24 Hours / QMI

Like a drunk driving demonstration

VAT news

Demonstrations against health measures and vaccinations, “It is as if we are organizing a demonstration to drive under the influence of alcohol or to run a red flag,” denouncing Dr.s Matteo Simon.

“People claim freedom not to wear a mask, not to be vaccinated, etc., and they do not understand that this freedom prevents others,” Dr.s An interview with Simon V. LCN, Saturday.

Dr. Matteo Simon, Head of the Intensive Care Department at IUCPQ.

Photo courtesy

Dr. Matteo Simon, Head of the Intensive Care Department at IUCPQ.

The head of the intensive care unit at the University Institute of Cardiology and Pulmonary Diseases of Quebec explained that “normal” activities can only be resumed when the population is adequately vaccinated.

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For him, these demonstrations calling for “more freedom” are paradoxical because withdrawing health measures and ending vaccination would lead to a resurgence of the COVID-19 pandemic and an expansion of health measures.

He said, “Going to demonstrate against vaccination, I tell you, is like going to organize a demonstration in order to obtain the right to drink and drive.”

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