Epidemiology Management | O’Toole accuses Trudeau of “covering up” other cases

(Ottawa) COVID-19 has had multiple adverse effects. In addition to harming the Canadian economy, disrupting people’s daily lives and affecting the mental health of many, it has weakened parliamentary democracy, laments Conservative Party leader Erin O’Toole.

Joel Dennis Belavance

Joel Dennis Belavance

The Trudeau government has used the pandemic to avoid accountability to Canadians over the management of public funds, the dossier of allegations of sexual misconduct rocking the Canadian Armed Forces, or the mystery surrounding the dismissal of two Chinese scientists from a national laboratory in Winnipeg, he said. given as an example.

In an interview, he said that the days when liberals would be able to go on like this were coming to an end Journalism. He said the looming election campaign would be, first and foremost, a referendum on the record of the prime minister, who preferred news conferences at Rideau Cottage rather than answering direct questions from opposition parties in Parliament.

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Justin Trudeau, Prime Minister of Canada

There was a lot of cover-up on the big issues. […] The prime minister has taken full advantage of the pandemic to avoid accountability. For several days in the House of Commons, during the question period, there was no Liberal member of the House. No. And often there was only one, Mark Gerritzen. The Quebecwa Bloc was there, and the National Party too. Our party was there too. It was a lack of respect for Canadians, towards our institutions.”

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O’Toole says Canadian democracy has suffered

Because of the pandemic, the House of Commons has conducted its work in a hybrid manner, limiting the number of members present in the building and offering the possibility of participating in discussions by videoconference. Remote voting was also allowed. But this formula had an impact on the quality of the exchanges.

Mr. Trudeau prefers to hold press conferences outside Parliament. It is an example of the lack of respect for our democracy. It was difficult for opposition parties to ask questions about important issues. Canadian democracy has suffered as a result. That was unacceptable in my opinion. Essential workers work all the time, even during the third wave. […] Unfortunately, he managed to avoid answering questions about scandals. ”

The upcoming election campaign will put all political parties on an equal footing. The advantage that the Liberal government had during the pandemic, when all the spotlight was on the prime minister and his ministers, will be gone.

we need [la campagne électorale] For our democracy. There are many challenges ahead after the pandemic, huge debt, high unemployment, femicides in Quebec, the mental health of our citizens, and reconciliation with First Nations. There is a crisis and that is why we need a government that is ready to meet these challenges.

Erin O’Toole, Leader of the Canadian Conservative Party

Regarding Defense Minister Harjit Sagan, who, as pledged, ended the parliamentary session amid turmoil over allegations of sexual misconduct targeting high-ranking officers in the Canadian Armed Forces, Mr O’Toole finds it unforgivable that the Prime Minister is still out of office.

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“It is a disgrace. Women in uniform deserve better. They deserve a government that corrects this unacceptable situation in our armed forces,” said the person who was already in uniform.

Conservatives are ready to vote

The Conservative Party leader dismissed the Prime Minister’s comments that the climate in the House of Commons had become “toxic” in the spring and Parliament had become “malfunctioning”. Many observers interpreted the comments as another sign that Mr. Trudeau wants federal elections in the fall.

“I don’t think it is toxic. There is partisanship of course, but that is politics.”

Unfortunately, the government has been slow to respond during the pandemic. It was also slow to introduce its bills important to the economy, to reconciliation with First Nations, to protect the French language in Quebec. These are just symbolic references in the dying days of Parliament.

Erin O’Toole, Leader of the Canadian Conservative Party

If Justin Trudeau chooses to call Canadians to the polls in September, O’Toole says his party will be ready. Recruitment of candidates is going well. Party cabinets are well stocked. The formulation of the electoral program has progressed well.

We will be ready if there are elections. In my opinion, we would be more prepared than Mr. Trudeau.

Mr O’Toole is also promising a specific political platform for Quebec that will take on some of the commitments he has already forged since he was at the helm of the Conservative Party, notably the application of Act 101 to companies in the federal jurisdiction and the creation of a single tax in Quebec.

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“We will work for Quebec on all issues. I insist Quebec is a priority for me and my team.

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