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Eric Barrett elected president of ACFO Ottawa

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Two nominees, Eric Barrett and Daniel Grolow Landry, ran to succeed Sakina Boutayeb, elected in 2017, but it was Eric Barrett who ultimately won the title.

Member of theACFO Over the past five years, the new president has served on the organization’s board of directors and has also served as its treasurer.

Eric Barrett was awarded Best Educational Practitioner at the 22nd Bernard Granny Awards on March 7.

Photo: Courtesy of Eric Barrett

He is also the Director of Cultural Activities at the Conseil des écoles publiques de l’Est de l’Ontario (CEPEO) and previously held the position of Cultural Animator at De La Salle Public High School.

We can also hear him on the radio, because he hosts podcasts Sit in the frontwhich generally narrates the history of the French province of Ontario.

Ongoing mandate

L ‘ACFO I’ve seen a lot of growth in recent years and thought to myself, why don’t I keep going? Eric Barrett explains, justifying his decision to run for president, adding that he has very good knowledge from the living organism.

according to him, Continuity is important for all community organizations.

I have always been close to Francophonie. »

Quote from Eric Barrett, President of ACFO in Ottawa

Mr. Barrett would like toACFO Keep goingnotably by continuing to secure funding sources, as was the case with the Ottawa Bilingual Project, led by its predecessor.

But he wants to defend the interests of society above all else, he says, and be listening. challenge forACFO It is access to the various Francophone communities in the federal capital, adds Eric Barrett, like newcomers.

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Our board of directors is very diverse, we have people from different walks of life and we offer activities that reach different people, such as the community LGBT. We also have special programming for new arrivalsthe president lists.

Ottawa, a healthy and diverse francophone

Despite recent data from Statistics Canada indicating a decline in the number of French speakers in many regions of Ontario, including Ottawa, Eric Barrett believes that Francophonie is healthy in the federal capital.

French is on the rise not only in Orleans and Vaniers, but it is certain that the entire western end of the city is becoming more and more French speaking.he explains.

I really feel alive at the Francophone level in Ottawa. »

Quote from Eric Barrett, President of ACFO

Eric Barrett hopes his term as president will allow him to do so Ensuring that the needs of the Francophonie are met.

What I want now is to be there and stand up for my communityConcludes.

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