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Eric Duhemy does not rule out the option of building a wall between Canada and the United States

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To counter illegal immigration entering the country via the Roxham Road, Eric Duhemy does not rule out building a wall between Canada and the United States, a project he had already commissioned and championed in 2017.

“We have to find a way to turn off the tap. There is one way to remember (the wall). He answered a journalist who asked him a question about this potential wall.

Re-launching on the topic of the specific wall, the Conservative Party leader added that “(prefer) we do it with the five parties together. It will be more uniting for all Quebecers.”

In a Facebook post dating back to 2017 that is still circulating online, Eric Duhemy did not hesitate to speak openly about this option. “If illegal immigration continues, serious consideration should be given to building a wall between Canada and the United States,” he said. It seems to me a reasonable investment to close the breaches in our sieve limits in the short term.

On Tuesday, the Conservative Party leader said we must pressure Ottawa “to somehow close the border. I know there’s a deal with the Americans. This deal needs to be reconsidered. It’s unacceptable that Quebec is gathering itself more illegally than legally.”

On Tuesday morning, Radio Canada calculated that the federal government had paid $500 million in connection with the famous Roxham Road since 2017.

“I am outraged to see what is happening on Roxham Road…to know that there could be up to 40,000 illegal immigrants who could cross the border. It is very worrying,” Eric Dohemy commented.

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