Erin O’Toole found her Finance Minister

Last year, when Irene O’Toole became leader of the Conservative Party of Canada (CPC), he had a long list of jobs to do: enforce his authority over the party, clarify on social issues, and broaden the Conservative base. Possible Finance Minister.

Since Sunday, Mr O’Toole can now say he has a future finance minister on his team with the nomination of Vincent Duhamel.

Restoring the floor of the economy

Mr. Duhamel has worked in finance his entire life. His presence would give credibility to the conservative team when it comes to talking about the economy.

Since the start of the pandemic, we have felt that the Conservatives have lost the battle of the economy to Justin Trudeau.

With the Parliamentary Budget Officer projecting a deficit to 2070, the Chinese Communist Party leader must work to regain the lead on the issue.

During the campaign, Canadians will have to see the Conservatives as best suited to managing the economic recovery and returning to balanced budgets.

Who will succeed Stephen Blaney?

Conservative MP for Belchas-Les Echin-Levis Stephen Blaney surprised more than one person by recently announcing his withdrawal from political life.

The departure of an elected official in a fortified castle is a great opportunity for Mr. O’Toole. He should take the opportunity to submit a nomination that will demonstrate that the party is healthy in Quebec.

Thus, if the rumors surrounding Dominic Vienne’s candidacy are confirmed, the conservative leader can brag about recruiting a big name.

We know that voters mostly vote for the leader and the party, but in Mr O’Toole’s case, it shows that he had to Pushing force In the beautiful county he will be very useful to his party.

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If the Tory leader misses this golden opportunity, it means he is moving backwards.

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