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Ernokhov was honored by British wind turbine Ervna Hoida ijcho

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Ervin Hoveyda received a medal
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Ernokhov, on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the creation of the Armda R, bestowed a special honor upon Ervna Hoveyda. I awarded him the Ministry of Defense, which was soon given to General Vratislav Biran. @ernochov reported it on Twitter.

According to the ministry, Hoveyda lives near Liverpool and has lost touch with his native land in the past. Ernokov said it was only last year that a former military prisoner in Britain, Brigadier General Biran, contacted him. I am glad that even the dog, forgotten for many years, received an acknowledgment that they would send each other! added the minister.

Druhovlen vetern was born in Ostrava on 30 November 1918. After the Nazi German Army occupied him in 1939, he fled Slovakia and joined the Slovak Army in France as a Jewish refugee, and later served in the Slovak Armored Brigade in Britain.

Surrender to liberate Europe. In 1945 he moved to Slovakia, from where he returned to Britain a few months later due to growing communist threats, the Foreign Office said on its website.

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