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Ethical and ethical duty of caregivers

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it’s time. Faced with the ferocity of the Delta version, Prime Minister Fran├žois Legault yesterday announced the mandatory vaccination of caregivers, including recipients, “in close contact daily, for more than 15 minutes, with clients”.

All of this is under penalty of suspension without pay. Deadline for 2NS Dosage: 1He is October. We are not kidding about the epidemic. Next week there will be a debate in the Parliamentary Committee.

However, the urgency makes the opposition parties’ only responsible position to contribute to the rapid and effective implementation of this measure. Because in addition to the vaccine passport, it promises to be essential in the fight against COVID-19.

According to the quick response I received yesterday from the Ministry of Health, compulsory vaccination will be implemented in both public and private health services.

So, among others, to CLSCs, Hospitals, CHSLDs, Youth Protection Centers, Rehabilitation Centers, Intermediate Resources (RI), Family (RTF), RPA, Social Economy Institutions providing home assistance, etc.

Health Minister Christian Dube confirmed this at a press conference.

Only one word comes to mind: Finally! Thus, Quebec joins France and a growing number of countries, to varying degrees, are following the same path.

It was necessary to work

Here it is the absolute duty of elected officials to protect the population from COVID-19. More specifically, the most fragile.

Remember that in Intermediate Resources (IR) live thousands of vulnerable Quebecers – the elderly who have lost independence and adults with intellectual and/or physical disabilities.

It was already unacceptable, both morally and ethically, to continue to leave them in close and constant contact with officials who refuse the vaccine.

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Messrs. Legault and Dobby clearly understand this. Above all, they must not back down under any pressure of any kind, union, political or otherwise.


Mandatory vaccination of caregivers is the duty of governments to protect their citizens, but it is also the duty of consistency.

It was inconceivable that in Canada, federal officials, sitting in their offices, were obligated to vaccinate, while in Quebec we would leave caregivers the freedom to refuse the vaccine despite their close contact with the elderly, the disabled, immunosuppressants and others.

It was disgusting that in Quebec we would soon and rightly demand proof of vaccination to eat poutine or watch a movie, but not from the caregivers who work with the most vulnerable among us.

If the Legault’s government fully honors its obligation – for it is necessary to do so – it will prevent us from a great number of grave injustices of the same kind.

As for those who are tempted to object to the compulsory vaccination of caregivers, let them ask themselves only one question:

What if their mother, father, grandparents, brother, sister, husband, or partner were forced to be in close proximity to unvaccinated attendees?

Don’t they want the government to force their caregivers who still refuse to vaccinate? Ask the question as they say…

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