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Marvel Netflix series is coming to Disney+ starting March 16

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Updated on 02/23/22 : according to empirethe resolution must be global for display Disney +. So we are waiting for official confirmation from the French branch, but according to American media, the series Netflix He will also return on March 16th.

We can start to see the future of the series take shape Marvel TV broadcast on Netflixall should leave a giant flow From the beginning of March next. more than recklessAnd the Jessica JonesAnd the the punisherAnd the Luke CageAnd the iron fist where defendersBut that doesn’t mean the series shouldn’t find a new home. Obviously, the simplest solution is to simply return every chain on the platform to its home Disney + (both under the label marvel where star As far as we are concerned) or hollow In the United States and Canada, the decision has already been made.

Blame Canada, Blame Canada

the account Disney + Canada In fact, he simply announced the arrival of the series earlier MarvelNetflix In their catalog from March 16 – a very short migration time at the end for subscribers of one platform or another. On the French side, the news has not been confirmed, since each region operates its own catalog differently (even if the group’s strategy means there are big equations).

The fact that the series was previously hosted Netflix On Disney +Some actors reprise their roles in the production Marvel Studios (Such as Charlie Cox at Matt Murdock And the Vincent Donofrio at king pin), the question of new seasons for these series, or Soft Reboots, hovering in the air. we do not know Kevin Feige Like someone who used to take things from the past, but instead wants to bring back the products in his own way, in order to unite the whole under a big banner made up.

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Let’s see what happens with the heroes and heroines Netflix (We expect that too everybody do not come back not Given the performance of each series) and what Disney + UK can do or not.


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