Evan Dunphy saves the best for the last and wins the bronze medal

The 2019 world bronze medalist stopped at 3:50:59 a.m.

Another Canadian, Mathieu Bilodo, finished 45th with a time of 3:50:30.

Five years ago, at the Olympics in Rio, Dunphy finished at the foot of the podium after a massive ordeal. Japan’s Hiroki Arai was disqualified for contacting the Canadian in the last kilometer, and his bronze medal went to Ivan Dunvi.

The decision was appealed, however, and overturned, relegating the Briton-Colombian to fourth place.

So it is time for redemption. Dunphy also vowed to do his best knowing that it was the last 50km in the history of the Games. It will be replaced in 2024 in Paris by a mixed event.

Dunphy took his place in the leading group from the start of the race. Halfway through, he was in sixteenth place.

Dawid Tomala separated from the group after 30 km. At just under five kilometres, the pole forged a major lead of one minute and 28 seconds. Meanwhile, Ivan Dunphy led the leading group of ten demonstrators.

Al-Kindi attempted the attack two hours and 50 minutes later. The effort will only last for 15 minutes. He left the other competitors behind for a bit before he got caught.

For his part, Tomala only hurried to comfortably put himself in the lead. His lead exceeded three minutes with less than five kilometers to travel. At this point, the energy expended on his previous attempt seemed to be lacking in Ivan Dunphy, who had begun to cede ground to his opponents.

The victory became a formality for Tomala, who clocked a time of 3:50:8. Spaniard Mark Tour and German Jonathan Hilbert had been battling for second place for some time. Dunphy seemed unable to keep up.

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Until the last mile.

Dunphy relied on his reserves to get closer to the Spaniard. He met him just over 100 meters away and stuck to the finish line.

If Hilbert won the duel to climb to the second tier of the podium, Evan Dunphy surprised many by taking Canada’s first medal in the event, 51 seconds behind the winner.

I’m very happy. I didn’t know what my body would do for me in the last mile and I waited for an answer. Her hamstrings were tight and she refused to pushIt was Evan Dunphy who didn’t particularly want to reclaim fourth place at the Rio Games, said Evan Dunphy after the race.

I asked for one last batch at the end and begged them so I could give what I had left. I thought about my parents, my grandparents, and then released my hamstrings. My friends and family, I felt like they would eventually grow up with me.

Quote from:Evan Dunphy, bronze medalist in the 50 km run

The 50-kilometer march took place in downtown Sapporo, more than 800 kilometers north of Tokyo. The heat was less stifling, but it nonetheless posed a major challenge to competitors. Dunphy saw it rather as an advantage.

We have done everything to prepare. I am surrounded by the coolest team. I hate these conditions, they are very painful and difficult! It’s about looking for absolutely everything that is in you, but I knew these were the conditions for me to have the race of my life and it was.

This is Canada’s 19th medal at the Tokyo Olympics.

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