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Gagarin cut, salute

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There was a cup of gagarin, champagne, tears of joy and a great sense of pride in the dressing room of Avangard in Omsk. On this wave of pure happiness, Bob Hartley has once again shown that he is a man of heart. A man of excellent class.

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Although he was on another continent, in Balachikha, a suburb of Moscow, Hartley had an idea of ​​a good friend who was grieving for his father.

In the wake of Avangard’s victory in Match 6 of the KHL Final against CSKA Moscow on Wednesday evening, Hartley picked up his phone to share the moment with Dave Morissette.

Emotional appeal

Dave said, “Before Game 6 of the Final, Bob called me to tell me he wanted to dedicate this game to my father, Allen.” He’s cool, he has a big heart. I was really affected by this sensitivity. But it is from the great Bob Hartley. Just with that thought, I was so touched. I got another nice surprise. After the meeting, Bob made a FaceTime video for me straight from Avangard’s locker room. ”

“He just won and it took a while to talk to me. I can’t believe it. When he called me I didn’t realize the match was just over. It was Bob who said to me, ‘Big Moss, we won it for your dad.’ He was in the locker room with his players.” To celebrate. He had other things to do besides calling me. “

Loss of loved ones

For Hartley, this was just a natural step.

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The 60-year-old replied, “It wasn’t about giving back.” I found it natural to talk to him. Dave’s boyfriend. This year I have lost so many people who have had such a big impact in my life. I think of Jocelyn Morissette and Pierre Lacroix and my friend Yvonne Coseno from Hawkesbury. Yvonne was my age and died of COVID-19. I found it difficult. We are getting old and losing friends on our way. ”

“I worked with Dave, he came to my hockey school,” Hartley continued. If it were the other way around, Dave would have done the same for me. Not because I’m too far away in Russia because I don’t follow what’s happening in my home in Quebec. “

Morissette Castle

There was also a lovely icon making a call directly from Avangard’s locker room. Allen Morissette has never set foot on Yuri Lyapkin Square, in Balachikha, a city used as the home of an Avangard while waiting for a new amphitheater to be built in Omsk.

A yard and a hockey locker room. For Aline Morissette, that was part of the definition of happiness. As for Hartley. As for Dave.

Bob Hartley in the presence of Allen Morissette.

Photo Courtoisie, Dave Morissette

Bob Hartley in the presence of Allen Morissette.

It was in the locker room of York, Pennsylvania, that Allen got to know Hartley better. From 2013 to 2016, Zach Ben Dave attended Bob Hartley Hockey School with his father and grandfather as guest coaches on the rink.

“I want to keep my father’s memory alive. Dave said he would be happy today in Heaven to know Bob had thought of him. Bob was a role model for Dad. My dad was coming. Fitness Trainer She assists in the Pop School of Hockey. ”

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“Bob gave us a room called Chateau Morissette. One of the ring rooms was at the end of the ice where the players train. Bob’s locker room had been converted into a kind of hotel room for us. We had air mattresses and were happy to sleep in the arena. In the morning, we woke up to a sound Puck. It was perfect. “

“Every night I was eating my pizza with Allen,” Hartley said. We were jumping on the ice and we had fun Fitness Trainer Youth. He was happy with vitality and liked youth. “

“I loved Aline so much. He had the same values, the same feelings as me. He touched me in our conversations. I always found him the great-grandfather of Dave’s kids. I love watching people get older than me. He shows me how to do well. Aline was always doing the right things. It was no There is still a young man in the square even though he was a grandfather. I strive to pass on my passion to the youth and Alan had the same philosophy. ”

Allen has devoted a large part of his life to developing mini hockey on the north shore in Baie Como. He died at the age of 69 on April 27, on the eve of Hartley’s invasion of KHL. So there was an angel who cheered on the Avengers.

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