Britney Spears’ dad wanted to stop her from going to Hawaii

Britney Spears’ father allegedly tried to prevent his daughter from taking a trip to Hawaii, according to new documents that the singer’s lawyer filed Thursday with the court.

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This violation is a good example of why Jamie Spears’ guardianship should be withdrawn, according to Matthew Rosengart, the star’s new attorney.

According to Rosengart, Britney’s father did not want to travel to the island nation for the holidays because he considered it “unnecessary.”

Rosengart has also asked the Los Angeles Supreme Court to bring forward the next court appearance currently scheduled for September 29, BuzzFeedNews reports.

In short, while the two-month delay between appearances may not seem to matter in a 13-year saga, Spears shouldn’t continue to suffer from trauma, sleep loss and suffering further. “Every day counts,” the lawyer wrote in the documents.

The 39-year-old singer’s lawyer believes that Jimmy Spears’ powers should be “immediately suspended”. Matthew Rosengart considers it “the most effective interim remedy” for his client.

Mr. Rosengart also tried to bring up the “hypocrisy” of Britney Spears’ father regarding the financial decisions of the singer’s money.

According to the documents, Jamie Spears paid $1,356,293 in legal fees from October 2020 to June 2021. Mr. Spears also provided himself with a monthly stipend of $16,000 and receives $2,000 to cover administrative expenses.

“These wasteful behaviors are particularly problematic when compared to the strict ‘microscopic control’ that Spears exercised over his daughter, evident from childhood to the present day, Mr. Rosengart.

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Jimmy Spears’ lawyers have not provided comments on BuzzFeedNews.

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